Thursday 7 June 2012

Wolf Riders

Edited by David Pringle, these are classic Warhammer Tales.

Before the Black Library there was Games Workshop Books. I remember these with a real fondness and I wish modern books had the same quality (though Dan Abnett and a few others fly the flag for quality writing today) and spent some time searching out the original editions on eBay.

Wolf Riders was the first of three anthologies; Ignorant Armies being the first and Red Thirst being the last. Each volume is full of short stories set in our 'retro' Warhammer World, so no real estate problems like Gaj discussed earlier this week at Warhammer for Adults. They have a very WHFRP feel about them, which has really got me inspired now we are 'playing by post' the Enemy Within Campaign at, and one story in particular got my creative juices flowing- Wolf Riders by William King.

If you do own these books already, I really do recommend you get out there and find them. 

Before I did any research in wolves, I though "I know, I'll just paint 'em grey" but its only when you actually do a little research that you realise how important the natural world is for reference. 

Amongst my collection I had a few units of these goblinoid canine crossbreeds and decided to pull them out as the next contribution to my Grand Plan of having usable armies for 3rd Edition. As you may be aware, I am currently taking a break from my one true love, Chaos, and am working on undead and orc and goblin armies. I have ten models and have decided to split these into two units of 5; the first armed with hand weapons and the second with short bows.

Having just finished off my skeletons, I decided to do a test piece for the wolf riders. Fiddling around with the wolf pelt was the first challenge, but with a little local reference (see above) I managed to come up with a colour scheme that was a little wolfy. Once complete, I painted up my first goblin in many, many, many years.

The way I always imagined goblins were the brains of goblinoid society, if brains could be affixed to such low creatures. Perhaps cunning would be a better word. However, they are totally over shadowed by the far stronger orcs who generally boss them around. To me, the small the greenskin the lighter his skin so I used a Goblin Green Bilious Green mix for the skin, ending with a highlight of pure Bilious Green. As for the leather armour and snood; I mixed in orange with the brown basecoat to give that dirty leather look these creature seem suited too.

 A rear shot- judging by their Ld and Cl values in 3rd Edition, this is a view the opposing general will  probably have of these cruel, but ulimately, cowardly creatures.

As always, original 80s colours were used throughout the painting. No Devlan Mud here (cannot believe GW got rid of that wash- everyone used it!)  

Another rear view, here showing off that shield I worked on a few days ago. 

I finished off the model with one of my quick, custom base jobs and added our old friend, the highlighted Arcane Armorials shield that I worked on earlier in the week (or was it last week?). The design is perfect for a cruel, gangly wolf rider don't you think?

Well, only another 9 to go then. Better get my Bilious Green out again.

Until next time!



  1. Some of the early Warhammer books are quite good. I got Space Marine, by Ian Watson, back in the day and was actually pretty impressed. A few years ago I went on a splurge, and read Drachenfels (very good) and Zaragoz (not bad). I even read a few of Horus Heresy books, and while they're not up the standards of the earlier books, they weren't as bad as I was expecting. Damned with faint praise? Perhaps, but the Space Marine movie was even worse than I was expecting!

  2. Someone left Zaragos at my Mum's work, quite enjoyed it back in the day.
    Love the wolf rider, great gobo colours and good naturalistic wolf colours too. Just two tips for the authentic 80s goblin experience more checks and more toadstools. Have a look at mine if you have the time:

  3. Remember reading the Konrad saga...thought it was quite good at the time.

  4. Very nice work on the wolf rider - can I add purple (worm purple if we're being strictly retro!) to Erny's list.

    Might have to check out some of these old Warhammer novels, having missed them completely first time round.

  5. Drachenfels was my first tast of the broader Warhammer world fluff wise, Hero Quest, Advanced Hero Quest and 4th edition were my introduction gaming wise.