Friday 2 March 2012

Nurgle Warband

What a week! Just when I thought things had settled down, life throws 'interesting' problems at you to solve. Hopefully, a solution has been wrought and I can begin to concentrate a little more time to the business of warbands. As you may recall from my previous post, Nurgle is my current concern. As a child, this particular ruinous power was always my favourite and I am please to report that my love affair with nurglings, plaguebearers and other pustulent monsters is still going strong. I think the messy colour schemes are a little more forgiving of a painter, and certainly look okay on a battlefield, but I have also been unimpressed with the unimaginative 'sea of green and brown' that sometimes make up Nurgle warbands.

So I went for a rusty look instead. This model is going to represent the champion of the force. Comments please.

In a flurry of activity I have also completed a Nurgle sorcerer. Again, this model will represent a solid character for our narrative games. As I said earlier in my post, I am rather bored of brown/green masses when painting Nurgle miniatures. Subsequently, I went for lighter, flesh colour tones for the cloak and gloves and faded red for the hood.

What do others think? Do the colours work?

Now I am ready to start work on the foot soldiers. Namely, more chaos thugs.

Post soon (I hope!)