Saturday 30 June 2012

The Great Skullchucker Appeal: Solved!

The citadel Skullchucker!

I have wanted one of these for years and finally managed to get hold of one on eBay to much rejoicing. Sadly, when I opened the package this morning one of the pieces is missing. It appears to be the back section of the catapult. I've checked Solegends and other sites but cannot find a clear enough image of the missing piece.

I hope to be able to build the missing part from green stuff (though sculpting is far from my forte) but obviously need a very clear image with a ruler alongside so I can build an accurate copy. I was hoping that some kind blogger would be able to do this service for me so I can get to work on this piece.

If you can help, please email me at

Of course, if you have a spare missing piece just lying around and feel generous enough to post it to me I would be extremely grateful - afterall, it worked for Gaj with his Lichemaster collection.

Thanks in advance.



  1. As far as I know nothing is amiss. I have two of these skullchuckers here, both are mine, both were bought by myself long time ago and it seems Yours is fine. The raw metal visible at the back section is where support should go (this is the part glued to the skeletic arm in Your model).

    1. How things hide in plain sight! Ha! How could I have not noticed? Thank you for the tip. Into the dettol bath this beauty will now go!

  2. I painted mine up recently. Here's a pic of it:

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