Saturday 30 June 2012

Wolf Riders: Progress at Last!

Well its been some time since I posted any actual painted miniatures; I've been too busy writing (which is easier to do than dragging out the painting kit) to work on my beloved lead. Today that changed, new baby is due next Friday and things are calming down in the house. 

Nursery almost finished (thanks to my Mother-in-Law), pram almost built (more parts than a Stompa!), washing done and wife's hospital bag almost complete = more time for me to paint! I have a few work in progress shots to share, nothing finished, but who cares, eh?

Two almost finished wolf riders. Bases need a little more work as do the goblin themselves but I'm almost there with these two. Full of goblinoid character, aren't they?

I have got all the wolves finished through extensive washing and drybrushing. I've knacked out a couple of brushes getting these finished. I love these models; the wolves are wonderful sinister yet realistic. 

Better get back to those brushes...



  1. Very Nice! There's nothing better than those old Citadel and Marauder wolfrider models, and I think your painting captures the old 3rd edition look perfectly! Look forward to seeing more.

  2. They look ace (to be '80s about it)! Nice work.