Saturday 9 June 2012

Do You Have a Miniatures Wish List?

Inspiration is a singular thing.

It is sudden, spontaneous, unexpected and, sometimes, downright impulsive. It is also a two way street. Thantsants has recently posted over on his blog detail of his 3rd Edition Orc and Goblin army. A very good read it was as well and I am sad to say that I am more than a little envious of his collection, especially the war machines.

What really caught my interest, however, was not what Thantsants had, but what he didn't have;

Namely, 'wants of a leadish nature'!

Before you deny it (and I know you will if your anything like me), we all have these little wish lists in our head. Late night scourings of eBay do little to relieve the niggling desire to own those castings, only expenditure (or the sure knowledge of spousal disapproval) holds the hand in check. By this I don't mean everyday purchases; the rank and file of 3rd Edition, character models or publications. I mean the 'bobby-dazzlers', the 'dog's-bollocks' and the 'badger's-nadgers'- the BIG acquirements that we all dream we will find for 99p one day, and pat ourselves smugly on the back once the transaction is complete and we're ripping off the bubble wrap!

So what are my wants? What would my killer acquisitions be? I suppose a countdown of my 10 most wanted would be a suitable method of expressing my own dark, deranged lustings for lead!

10: Prince Ulther's Dwarves/Imperial Dwarves Regiments of Renown

First off are these two lovely box sets. I own all the other second edition run of these regiments but do not own these beauties. I bid and I bid and I bid but I cannot seem to win. Why do I want these beauties? Not only are the two sets practically an army but they are wonderfully sculpted and are very evocative of the era. 

9: The Zoat with the Staff

I adore this model. Lovely positioning of the body for an early sculpt. I think that it was a limited edition and have never seen it for sale on eBay or anywhere else for that matter, but I've seen plenty painted up on blogs so they must be out there somewhere!

8: Fimir Models

These turn up regularly, with MASSIVE prices despite that fact that in the game, they're a bit crap! I heard somewhere that Nick Bibby sculpted them as large monsters when really they should have been 28mm, hence the discrepancy with the rules. Still, people love them and I've heard they have turned up again in Storm of Magic. For the completist in me really.

7: Ambull

Terror in the Darkness was the first roleplay adventure that I ever read. The mighty ambull has stayed with me ever since. One of the few models that crossed between 40k and Warhammer. Not really useful for gaming but a must in any serious collection.

6: Skeleton Army (still on sprues)

Now were getting down to the sets and miniatures I really, really, really want. This is a must for any undead fan because it is a whole army in a box; troops, horsemen and a chariot. I'd want it on the sprues mind- tell a lie, I'd want two copies; one to build and one to keep mint!

5: Great Imperial Dragon

Some time ago I made a startling confession; that I'd never painted an orc. Well to rub salt into that particular wound, I've never painted a dragon either! What's this I hear you cry, a fantasy gamer who hasn't painted an orc or a dragon- is there something wrong with you!? Well, I've painted an orc now but dragons have been left out in the cold. Of all the citadel dragons this one is my favourite. It even came with a little (hopeless) knight to fight it! Wonderfully 80s too!

4: Orc War Wyvern
We can all dream. I dream of having this model painted and ready to lead my Orc and Goblin 3rd Edition army. No many of these about (at least not that I've seen) and I'd probably want it boxed too. I love the way the model is designed; coiling with its talons slashing forwards. Don't like the colour scheme in this image though! I'd paint it red!

3: Palanquin of Nurgle

This is the only model on the list that I once owned but I foolishly sold it. I am sure you have similar stories of bad decisions made on eBay. I'd like this kit with all the riders; the one shown in the image above, the Nurgle sorcerer and the 40k rider too. One of my favourite ever models from citadel and I'd love to paint mine up as well as the example given here!

2: Marauder Giant

I'm no fan of the Marauder miniatures. To me they typify the chunky hands/clunky weapon style of 4th/5th etc edition Warhammer. Still, the fighters, dwarves and some of the orcs are fantastic sculpts. Towering over them (if you pardon the pun!) looms the Marauder giant. A wonderful, wonderful model! Too me, its pure Warhammer; from the beer keg, the tattered clothes and the Jesus sandals. So many elements of this sculpt appeared in the current plastic GW giant (though it lacks the character) shows its still an influential model today. And, its metal! Imagine how that beast would feel in the hand once painted and based!

1: Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut

Ah! The Holy Grail of citadel miniature collecting. We have all heard the rumours; it sells for thousands, blah, blah, blah. I've seen one for sale on eBay. It had a a reserve price of God knows what but it never reached that. I think bidding stopped at £200. Considering that there was only one on, you'd have thought our fellow lead fanatics would have been whipped up into a frenzy. Hopefully, one day I'll get my hands on this kit and do it justice with original citadel paints; despite the fact to no background or rules were ever released for it.

Well, here is my wishlist of lead wants. Do you own any of these beauties? Or do you too lust after these lead lumps?

Or perhaps you have your own wishlist of citadel miniatures?

If so, I'd love to hear from you! After all, as I said at the the beginning of this post, inspiration is a two way street.



  1. Good choices - can't believe i used to own one of those Nurgle Palanquins and I sold it on ebay:(
    Always quite fancied those two dwarf regiments too - if only for target practice for my orcs

    My tastes are rather similar to yours I must admit! I think I'll spend a bit more time and post my list up on my blog but here's a few off the top of my head...

    Tyranid Dominators from Rogue Trader
    The citadel Giant - you know the one!
    A full set of villagers - yes all of them!
    The rare and expensive characters from Orc's Drift - Ozrim Chardz and Hagar Sheol in particular
    Elf Dragon Masters set
    Zombie Dragon
    Elven Attack Chariot
    more zoats!

    1. Ha! The famous citadel giant signed by the Perry's. Now that would be quite a miniature (is that even the correct word?)to own eh? I agree with you about the townsfolk/villagers too.

  2. well Orlygg, if you've got a spare 50 quid;

    1. Way too much. I'd consider paying that amount for BOTH sets mind you.

  3. When I was about 14 I spent a rainy afternoon scouring the local games and model shops, without success, looking for Skrag the Slaughterer after seeing him in a pull-out game in and old WD. Ever since I've had a firm memory of how cool that model was. As a grown up nerd I now know he was a C23 ogre and I'd love to get both him and the other figures from that game (WD#83 I discovered recently), Oxy O'celatyne, tin man, Blood and Gore, etc.

    1. Lovely models indeed. All by Jez Goodwin, I have all three of them here in my collection. Its strange how often they come up in discussions.

      Hmmm... must resist the temptation to paint them up!!

  4. Nice list. I've just discovered this blog via the very fine Somewhere the tea's getting cold, now to have a good old nose around.

    The chaos dwarf jugger, the only old school chaos dwarf model I don't (and won't likey get anytime soon) have. Palanquin, yes, fimir, yes, and actually the skeleton army, mostly on sprue, yes.

    1. Sounds like you have quite a collection!

  5. I love the imperial dwarf, it's very original and charismatic. I wish to find an alternative miniature's productor that make a range of dwarf in landsknecht dress, it's possible? Buy the old minis is too expensive for me.

    1. I am sure that I HAVE seen them but couldn't tell you who produced them. I think I saw them at Salute a few years back!

    2. oh yes I remember those Imperial Dwarf's, there was several versions with different weapons, I still can't believe I used to own a few and got rid of them back when I was in my late teens . :(

  6. Not really a miniatures wish list. I have a couple Chaos champions I am looking for. For me my wish list is the 3E books. I just picked up Warhammer 3E off ebay, I spent all evening looking through it. The pdf. does not do it justice. When you actually flip through the pages.....just, wow. As well as a good copy of Slaves of Darkness, should be here next weke. Next month the search continues for Warhammer armies, and Lost and the Damned.

    1. That is how I started. I owned the original rulebook and Slaves to Darkness but the rest I had to hunt down. That was back in the day before the pdfs too. Copies of LatD used to go for £100+. I got mine for £57, which was a steal at the time. All the others I picked up here and there. I took me a couple of years to get them all for a decent price.

      Good luck in your search.

  7. As I read down the list my eyebrows went higher and higher...
    'got some of those'
    'had it'
    'had that one too'
    'got it'
    'and that'
    'hey that's mine!'
    (incidentally, I have been giving that Palanquin a bit of a makeover - must crack-on with the new base)

    I have sold so many figs from my collection in the last year I can almost physically feel the loss in diversity. There is an... emptiness. Still, got a lot left.

    My wish list/ambitions: to complete a set of RoC Champions (how many were there altogether?); Get all of Nick Bibby's Young Dragons; would like some Fimir too, never saw any of these in the shops I frequented back then. Ah yes, and complete my Eternal Champion set - only 3 left to find.

  8. Hey there, I need some guidance on a host of OOP miniatures from the mid 80's, could do with knowing what they're called. I have the original Bugmans cart with Brewers along qith what I think are Chaos Dwarfs and Wood Elves, but could use a visual guide, so any help in directing me to a link would be awesome. Not saure, but I think I have an original Chaos Cheerleader too, the one with an officers hat and 3 boobs marching (I think it's Bloodbowl)