Thursday 14 June 2012

Dioramadrama: John Blanche's Undead Assault, Mid 80s.

Good morning (or indeed afternoon, or even evening, depending on where you are) and welcome back to my blog.

Only a quick post today as I've got loads to do, including trying to get my wolf riders finished,  as what with all this scanning I'm not getting much painting done! I just started to write a couple of more 'scholarly' posts about our period but they may be some time to complete, if at all, really. During my research, I stumbled across a couple of sites that had some excellent images and resources on them.

This one I just had to share.

I've never been to Warhammer World; I always wanted to go there when I returned to GWplc hobby in 2004. The gaming, the shopping and of course, the hall of miniatures...  I binned 'official' GW late July last year and these days it would just be the miniatures that would draw me in; if I happened to be in Nottingham and had nothing to do, I'd visit!

I don't know if this is still on display there; its the undead diorama as seen on page 180-181 of the 3rd edition rulebook by John Blanche. Mid 80s.

Mind-blowing, isn't it?

I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Big thanks to Mabden for the images.



  1. Gasp! I love this diorama. I've lingered over it in the 3rd ed book many a time, but I'd love to see it in the flesh. I'd no idea it was on display. I really do need to make the trip to Warhammer World, hopefully it'll still be there.

  2. Love this diorama. There's so much to look at. This makes me want to paint zombies!

  3. Yeah, that diorama is great, Blanche crammed so much stuff into that setting it almost looks like a Russ Nicholson drawing come to life.

    I plan to visit the U.K. at some stage and would definitely make a trip the Warhammer World, but i'm a bit concerned....i've heard that they change their displays often & even though they still have all the old stuff they rarely show it? I hope this isn't true as this is the only reason i would want to go there for.

  4. The last time I went there wasn't that much old stuff on show. The was a lot more when I first went (bout 10 years ago) including cabinets with judge dredd, dark futute etc as well as props and stuff from computer games (I think). But when I went a couple of years ago I could only get into a cabinet room with studio miniatures - only a small bit dedicated to old stuff. I was in a rush so perhaps I missed a room with loads of stuff in. I'd recpmmend emsiling or looking round the internet more before making a trip just gor that. If you're in nottingham there's also wargames foundry - you can visit their factory.


  5. Great to see this "in the flesh" or at least a pic of the actual display case.

    Again there are a couple of questions I've always wanted to ask about this diorama -

    Who is the yellow chaos warrior type on the hill who's overseeing the zombie column?

    Same question for the yellow robed wizard who's trying to blow the doors open?

  6. He is from the chaos warriors line- I have a spare if you want one. The wizard is a ral partha wraith with sickle by tom meier.
    A lot of these figures are ral partha.

    Does anyone have photos focusing on the dwarves and tower? I have most of these figures collected now and am making a skirmish game table based on this!

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    2. I might have some close ups, will have a gander...

    3. I've got some close up shots of the dwarfs if anyone is interested

  7. Cheers Dave - email on the way! That's interesting about the Ral Partha figures.

    The skirmish game sounds most exciting.

  8. A long time ago, I saw this huge diorama stuffed with Citadel minis. Somewhere in the middle of Kent, in a village, part of some farm attraction. The painting was a bit sh*t and the model making ropey, but it was BIG - at least a couple of cubic metres - and done with enthusiasm. I think my dad took me down there to see it. Heck of a long time ago now.