Monday 11 June 2012

Battle Reports: Old School White Dwarf Ones

David Leonard, a French fanatic of Warhammer 3rd, emailed me a while ago about the possibility of scanning the battle reports, the old third edition ones that were published in the late 80s/early 90s. I thought they may be of passing interest to others so I included them as my blog for today!

So here they are;

1) 24 Hours at Carik Mound (WD107) appears to be the very first battle report published in WD (please correct me if I am wrong) but doesn't appear to have been GW's idea in the first place. Reading the article, the battle was fought literally over twenty-four hours for charity (as part of ITV's Telethon '88 - no I don't remember it either!) and was written by Robin Dews ( who would later serve as a long standing editor of WD itself!) Its very basic, but puts 'modern' battle reports to shame. Russ Nicholson (follow him here) provides some nice illustrations indeed.


2) The Best Laid Plans (WD 117) is a look at a closely fought game from Games Day '89 concerning a battle between Skaven and High Elves. Again, this looks written by an outsider but does contain some interesting examples of 3rd edition army lists with a few more pretty pictures (that look specifically drawn for the article).


3) The Clash of Evil (WD 123) is a battle (in house this time) between a Chaos Army and an Orc and Goblin Horse. Again, quality army lists are provided as are some equally nice illustrations by Gary (Lone Wolf) Chalk.





  1. Always thought it was a bit of a cheat to use the Chaos Knight in clash of evil, I think he kept the battle to a draw where otherwise chaos would have won.

  2. Great stuff. Really liked the 24 hour game, absolutely inspiring.

    1. Dan and I were also inspired by Carik Mound. Sometime in the future we intend to do something similar for charity. We'd need loads more painted figures first though!

  3. any chance of doing (i think) the 1st 40k battle report, blood angels vs alaitoc eldar? or if not could you point me in the right direction to get it plz