Tuesday 19 June 2012

Fantasy Miniatures: 1989 Golden Demon Extravaganza

Welcome to the second volume of Fantasy miniatures; this time documenting the Gold Demon Awards of 1989. The event took place on Saturday 27th May and was held at the Assembly Rooms, Derby as part of Games Day 1989.

The book contains the best entries of the competition (the third held by GW) as well as the usual work from various studio painters.

Let's have a quick look through the contents shall we...

Introduction by Andy Jones p2-3: This interesting mini article gives an overview to the day. Compare it to last year's attempt and compare!

Studio Staff p4-9: Lots of miniatures by the usual 80s crowd as well as a few choice pieces by Gw's 80s artists Paul Bonner and Dave Andrews. The release of Rogue Trader and Slaves to Darkness is obvious here, with a lot of early RT and Chaos models on show.

Ivan Bartlett p10-11: 1988's winner is analysed along with some other pieces.

The Golden Demon Awards 1989 p12-13: Short article about the competition.

Miniatures Gallery p14-38.

Enjoy the retro action.

Its difficult to choose a favourite this time; so I'll select one from Warhammer and one from Rogue Trader.

Warhammer is best summed up for me on p34 by Dominic Colbeck with his surfing snotling.

Rogue Trader has to be the Techmarine by Ivan Brooke on page 15.

Both very amusing mini dioramas.





  1. Ah, great stuff. I've wanted the rogue trader era Golden Demon books for years, but on the rare occasions that I can find them on ebay, they go for more than I can justify spending on them...yet. Viewing these really takes me back to my first issue of White Dwarf (#110..Wayne England's Space Marines on the cover...) purchased at a tiny games shop in Chico, California during the waning of the 80's...pored over it tirelessly for months...Thanks for sharing once again, Orlygg!

  2. These are great. Thank you again!