Tuesday 19 June 2012

Dioramadrama: 80s Orc Assaults

Orc Assault by Ivan Bartlett. I love the cut through approach with this diorama as well as all the little details; the corpse in the dungeon, the sappers breaking through, the goblin waiting above the trap door, the artillery... I could go on and on.  

It seems that the model makers of 80s Citadel had a particular fondness for assaults involving orcs, or indeed, orks. The goblinoids were the atypical fantasy baddie in days before the 'flavour of the month races or armies' of more modern times.

This is a shame, since there is something deeply insidious about the greenskin, don't you think? By greenskin, I don't mean the massively muscular brute circa 2012, with their moronic, identikit faces but proper orcs, or indeed, orks.

The crooked, gangly characters that ooze a malign but comic disposition. And there is plenty of that character splattered about these wonderful dioramas.

 I have a feeling that this one, which makes excellent use of the Mighty Fortress, was built by Dave Andrews. Some of you may recognise it from Warhammer Siege. Lots of lovely citadelesque orcs on display here. I love the crossbow man about to finish off the fallen orc!

Though fantasy, this diorama was constructed for Advanced Heroquest. Ivan Bartlett built the scenery here from clay. I am particularly fond of the the shield designs on the skaven.  

Finally, a Mike McVey ork assault from good old Rogue Trader. I love the bloodied orcs! 

Hope you enjoy these excellent dioramas as much as the last load I posted. The images got picked up by quite a few other blogs and tumblr accounts- spreading the 3rd edition/Rogue Trader message to the masses.




  1. FANTASTIC!!! Cheers for posting these, all this old school awesome-sauce that you keep posting up has pretty much ruined my modern day zombie project I was working on and launched me back into the realms of old school citadel.

  2. Wonderful, I haven't seen these in years. I spent hours staring at these dioramas when I were a lad. Magic stuff.

  3. I firmly believe that it was these vertical dioramas that really hooked me into this whole crazy world of Warhammer. I would love to attempt one myself someday.