Tuesday 19 June 2012

Good Old Viz Sums It Up!

I found this floating around the internet and thought I'd share it with readers of this blog. You may well have seen it before but its well worth a second read and a moment of consideration.

For those readers who have not heard of Viz Magazine I'll explain it thus; its a satirical publication that uses the style of comics such as the Beano and newspapers such as The Sun to poke fun at anything and everything.

They have a famous brace of well known characters and occasionally do a one off strip based on a wide range of things.

Here is one of those...

They sum it up beautifully, don't they?



  1. Ah, Beano. Takes me back.

    I had a similar but different encounter a few weeks back: I ordered some 15mm flags for my 15mm WOTR army, as well as a few 25mm medieval figure - this was done online.

    I got an email from the seller pointing out to me that my purchases were of different scale and asking me to confirm before he despatched them. Of course, he was happy enough to send me the items once I confirmed - I just thought it was mighty considerate of him.

  2. Ha, I remember seeing this in Viz, and wondering if the majority of viz readers would get the joke...

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