Tuesday 2 September 2014

Old School Fantasy Cottage with Extension

I have spent the last two evenings working on the paintjob of this lovely Fantasy Cottage. It is, of course, based on the Phil Lewis' classic cottage from WD 130 which I built earlier on this year. To create a bit of variation, I added a second room as an extension on the left hand side and this was built very simply using exactly the same methods as the rest of the house. In hindsight, I feel that the sloping roof on this extension may not be pronounced enough but no matter, as its now complete and ready for the tabletop. 

As you will probably see, I changed the mix for the colour of the roofing tiles, switching from Ultramarine Blue to Enchanted Blue and this resulted in a far more fantastical (my son as Disney) colour. Again, in hindsight I am not sure if I am totally pleased with the effect and may well try out a third blue next time I build a cottage (I have one more that needs completing) but I shall wait a see how I feel after a  few games with it on the table. 

I also varied the colour of the brickwork on the chimney flue and I am a lot more satisfied with this. The colour is warmer and much more brick like. Inks were mixed in different combinations and amounts to help weather the stone. Flicking painting in different hues over the brick work also helped to age the building somewhat so it fits suitably into the fantasy world of old school Warhammer.

The walls themselves were very easy to achieve. I painted the boards with a Bleached Bone/Flesh mix and undercoated the wooden beams with Flat Earth, from the Flames of War range - as its very similar to the old Snakebite Leather colour of old. The wood was then washed with brown ink and drybrushed back over with flesh and Bleached Bone once again. Green and yellow inks were then employed to weather the wood and pannelling in places. Finally, I worked up the walls with white until they looked suitably bright enough. The whole wall section was then aged with ink blobbing and paint flicking. 

You have probably noticed by now that the roof has been treated a similar way with inks and flicking. Only here, I used black and white paint to suggest age and the droppings of all those fantasy birds! 

I made the windows a little warmer in tone. I used Ultramarine Blue as a base before washing over with blue ink followed by green ink. When I dig out a bit of gloss, I intend to paint of the surfaces of the windows to make them shine light glass. The final touch was to add a little chimney pot, made from cutting off a section of the plastic tube that protects new paint brushes. 

And here is the finished job alongside my original model for comparison. Critical comments please as I am keen to apply everything I have learnt to the final building I am going to use to represent the little crossroad hamlet on my battlefield.

Also, if you happen to know of any links where I can find odds and ends to decorate the bases I would also be very grateful - you know the stuff I mean: boxes, barrels, tools, animals etc.



  1. Awesome :)
    These pieces do have an awful lot of character. I've got to try my hand at a little fantasy village sometime.

  2. Ainsty castings carry a great range of fantasy bits and bobs. The riverfront range is great for barrels etc. For stuff like picks, shovels etc I just pick them up by bitz trading, there are loads of cool little items on GW sprues that can be useful. Ebay or a FB page is the place to trade for them.