Saturday 27 September 2014

Fighting Fantasy: Graeme Davis' Fields of Battle Ruleset

Hey, here's a really interesting piece of history. Its the Fighting Fantasy Mass battle rules put out by Warlock Magazine back in the distant age know as the 1980s. It was scribed by a chap known as Graeme Davis to boot. In fact, it was only because Graeme mentioned this pdf on Facebook that I was even aware of its existence. 

I won't trouble you with a long investigation into the piece, but its well worth reading for a different take on a set of fantasy battle rules, especially considering its relationship with the rest of the Fighting Fantasy range. With miniature releases on the cards and Oldhammer Community members toying with fighting the Trolltooth Wars in miniature, this set of rules may well prove useful to some. 


  1. I stumbled across these a while ago, enjoyed reading them and pondering them for gaming with my two young 'uns... and got no further!

    They look like they'd work really well for element-based (or fudging it with sabots or the like) forces. And what's more iconic fantasy than dwarves vs. orcs with a necormancer causing trouble?

  2. I actually just got those up on scribd (the Warlock magazines) the other day. And if you have any questions for Graeme, let me know - he is coming to the Oldhammer Weekend in Baltimore! ;)

  3. Yep - these are the rules we plan on fighting the Trolltooth Wars with. I've had a go at making up the stats for the various creatures to be found in the Legions of Zharradan Marr already! I think we might just up the movement values to get the game going quicker.

  4. Someone asked me recently about Rick Priestley's FF miniatures rules: you know, the ones that accompanied the range of large-scale, soft-plastic figures? I couldn't remember enough to answer them, so if anyone has a link to scans, I'd love to know!