Monday 15 September 2014


They could easily be arguing over whether GW should release ANOTHER edition of 40k, couldn't they?
According to friends and family in Scotland, things are getting pretty heated up there with the looming date of the referendum. So I thought I would paint up a little miniature to calm things down a bit...

After all, painting classic Citadel lead is a much more rewarding pastime than listening to the waffle of politicians (on any side). Thankfully, I found one of the McDeath clansmen in my collection the other day and fancied painting him up in tribute to Realm of Chaos 80s' many Scottish readers. 

Take a look!

On the whole, I am pleased with how the figure turned out, though in hindsight I feel that the kilt pattern could have been painted a little neater. But my rules are rules, and I don't go back to a model once its finished. As you can see, I took the opportunity to work on my new recipe for flesh tones.

Many people inquire about the 'spirit' of Oldhammer and go to great lengths to state what they think it all means. Figures like this are what Oldhammer represents to me... Fun and characterful! Collecting and painting toy soldiers is not something to be taken seriously, a bit like the promises of politicians.



  1. Nicely done. Perhaps a caber toss to settle it is in order? ;)

    1. Heads or tails? ; )

      I've been on the receiving end of Lenihan's caber tossers twice now and they certainly make for an amusing game - nice work indeed!

  2. Great painting, I 've always wondered where this figure was from. I bought a set ages ago for use in a Jacobite army as a bit of fun, but couldn't remember how they came into Warhammer. If I remember there is a shot putter, a swordsman and a guy with broken bottles as well as the caber tosser? Must dig them out.