Sunday 14 September 2014

Orlygg's Commissions: Chaos Champion (Slambo)

Now that I have got my painter's block well and truly subdued, I have cracked on with another project I have had on the go for a while. That of the commission that Steve 'Citadel Collector' Casey made in return for a rare Alpine Dwarf model - which long term readers will know I have been after for a while. 

He was after a classic Citadel Chaos Warrior and a shield (one of the ogre face jobs that many of my chaos units have) and we spoke about suitable models. Eventually, we settled on Slambo and instead of just doing another shield, I suggested having a go at something I had been wanting to do for a while - painting chaotic little faces on the armour itself! 

Well that project is complete... As you can see here. 

I think Steve is happy with it. Hopefully, over the next few days I shall have a spare moment to wrap him up and send him off.

My next commission is something a bit bigger in scale!

A dragon!!



  1. Nice painting. The faces are a very cool touch.

  2. Great paint job looks like he is looking for business.

  3. Some lovely contrast here. And the horns have that magical quality of humbugs. Quality colours.

  4. Lovely paint job and the faces add a nice touch ( I particularly like the one on his back).

  5. Nice! I think the faces on the armor were very successful.