Saturday 6 September 2014

A Visit To Games Workshop 1979 via David Wood!

David Wood from the Dear Tony Blair blog has shared this today. After the Bolt Thrower Goblin mash up, talk about two great finds from old magazines and newspapers in a single day! Anyway, David's post contains a fascinating article from a Military Modelling from 1979, which chronicles a visit to Games Workshop, including some very rare photographs of Dalling Road and Citadel Miniatures!

Go check out David's blog, as there is more to see there, and don't forget to follow him and show your support of a fellow blogger. 

Here's the rest of the article that would interest us here...

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you... That gentleman bottom left is the Mighty Avenger, Bryan Ansell, circa 1979!

A close up of the store!

A close up of Bryan!


Thanks to David Wood!


  1. Spread the word! Some great articles in the old modelling press. Quite a few more on the blog over the years.... in theory the tags on the right should help anyone interested.

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