Sunday 7 September 2014

Antiquis Malleum Is Coming....

Snakeman by Tim Prow
The Antiquis Malleum project has been quiet of late. If you need a reminder about the project, click on the labels below or follow the link here. But noises are starting to be heard once more. These noises suggest that master castings are only days away from delivery and Mick Leach is hoping for a winter launch.

Realm of Chaos 80s will continue to bring you news of these Third Edition inspired models as soon as we can. 

Until then, what could these belong to?


  1. Skilfully sculpted chain mail and demonic plates on those lower pics.
    Intrigued to see the finished item!

  2. Looks like beastman legs, doesn't it?

  3. Did these ever come out?
    I hope I haven't missed them.