Sunday 14 September 2014

A Warhammer Bestiary: Lizardman

I must confess to not having got much painting in lately. Its a sad consequence of my profession, as Septembers are notoriously busy for school teachers, especially teachers who have three classes of 30 children to get to know! Still, I am starting to get into a pattern of working (largely involving me rushing around all day long at work) which allows a little bit of time for painting. 

As many of you will recall, I have an ongoing project called 'A Warhammer Bestiary' in which I am attempting to paint a single model for each and every entry in the Third Edition rulebook. I have painted quite a few models already, so of which have been incorporated in to my other armies, but found myself stalling with the lizardmen. In fact, the model you can see here was started months previously but ended up rather neglected as I just couldn't work out how to best paint it. 

In the end, I just went for it and am fairly happy with the result, though its not a classic. Still, its broken the painter's block that I have been suffering with this project, so that is a good thing.

The model you can see here is one of the pre-slotta lizardmen sculpted (I think) by Tom Meier. I built up around the base of the model to create a flat surface and opted to keep the jungle theme I had started with my Coatl model some months previously!

The paintjob was simple and quick. Just a dark green base followed by a green ink wash. Once this was dry, I added layers of green (using Bilious Green) to build up the scales. Red was used as a spot color for the eye and scabbard. The gold was also very easy to do. Just a simple basecoat, chestnut wash and then a gold followed by silver highlight. 

I even added aquatic plants to the base in another experiment in doing something different. I am not sure if I was totally successful here, but no matter. I can all ways pull them off at a later date!

Delving into the background of the lizardmen at the this point in Warhammer's history was also interesting. Their relationship with the Slann is prevalent as you would expect, Only, here they are the product of a failed genetic experiment and were actively hunted down by the Slann, and largely destroyed. The entry goes on to state that the lizardmen live an underground existence, deep than even the dwarfs or goblins, and only rarely appear in the sunlight world for raids. Though not evil, they alignment is alien to those of the sunlight world and communication between them is very rae.

Looking at their rules lizardmen are quite hardy. They are immune to panic and fear reactions as they are extremely solid and resolved. They are also unaffected by the stench of troglodytes and lead units of these foul reptile beasts.

So all in all, a unit of these models is a worthwhile addition for any Oldhammerer, as they are perfect cast members for mysterious raids, tunnel attacks and alien alliances. 

Anyways, onwards to the next model! 


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  1. Nice work. I hate to say this though but the figure is a Tom Meier Troglodyte (I've actually got the set of them). Quite nasty in WFB but stupid too. Now you don't have to worry about painting a troglodyte though :)