Saturday 6 September 2014

Gary Chalk Wizard Art Mystery Solved!

A series of Gary Chalk GW originals are for sale online at the moment. Here is a link to the auction if you are interested. Though the prices seem rather high to my inexperienced art buying eyes! Its certainly been a day of discoveries - with the goblin inspired Talisman, the photograph of Bryan Ansell in 1979 and now the solution to a mystery nearly thirty years old....

What was under the black spot in this famous image?

Well, here is the answer! A Tzeentch symbol!

It still doesn't explain why the symbol was removed for the article on Colour Magic. Perhaps they were trying to suggest that the wizards were not chaotic?

If you are interested in Gary Chalk's work, don't forget to check out my interview with him here

What a day!



  1. Mystery solved! I'm in two minds over the pricing...the fact that they're large colour oil paintings means theyre in theory worth considerably more than a small pen & ink or pencil illustration. The more pertinent question is whether there's a market for those paintings at that price. I think probably not and they're likely to go unsold.

  2. Until this post and looking through the eBay listings, I didn't realize that many of Chalk's vivid illustrations were done in oils. Makes sense now that I think of it.
    I also didn't realize that he illustrated the floor plans for 1st edition Space Hulk. Does anyone know who illustrated 2nd edition?
    As a huge fan of Blood Bath at Orc's Drift, I can imagine no (fantasy) painting I'd rather have hanging on my wall than the original cover art for BBatOD. But sweet Jebus, 800 GBP is a lot of coin.

  3. Most interesting!

    Talking of Gary Chalk - I managed to convince my year group partner that we should get the kids to study and emulate the differing styles of Gary Chalk and Russ Nichols as a Game Book themed art project this term!

  4. What y'all didn't know is that in the original (first edition) painting, the robed wizard is a sorceror of Khorne! Yes, I did not make a typo. The first icon painted on the robe is the sysmbol of Khorne. I suspect Gary Chalk just took a nice looking icon and painted it on the robe. GW then corrected him by saying those Khorne guys don't do magic spells... A story of true Chaos misdirection an magical deceit indeed. :-) Smell like work of Tzeentch. ;-)

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