Sunday 22 July 2012

The Citadel Giant: Worth the Price Tag?

The Citadel Giant. A 'miniature' that often sits near the top of the Citadel collecting wishlist, though to be honest I hadn't actually seen a good quality picture of one, apart from the add below and a random head on King's Minis.

Well one has turned up on eBay and I'm interested in what it will go for. Sadly, the seller has set a Buy It Now for £850 rather than going for it on an auction. It makes me wonder if the model is actually worth that amount of money?

How much would you drop cash wise for a rare beast like this, eh?

Here's the link!


  1. Hi!

    To be honest, I've seen better looking giant miniatures out there so I suspect that its only real value is as a collectors piece (I cant imagine it being much use on the table as imagine if it fell over, it would crush the other miniatures flat!)

    Personally I would prefer to either go with another giant that was more reasonably priced or scratch build one myself if I wanted something absolutely huge.

    I do think it will sell though as its a collectors piece so folks will no doubt think it will go up in value rather than down but I would prefer to get a whole load of figures for that sort of money!

    All the best!

  2. Well its on my list, but really only in a hypothetical, sky's the limit kind of way! No way would I get away with dropping that kind of money on some old lead - not sure I'd want to either when, as Mr Smith has already said - you could get a good pile of other minis for the same price. Complete set of Fimir and hopefully some change anyone?!

  3. Absolutely not. Though it's an ace piece of vintage citadel lead, can anyone really justify (even to yourself) dropping nearly a grand for it? Unless you're a millionaire, of course. Which everyone else on ebay seems to be, as I usually get outbid on almost everything I want! But that's another story...

  4. I'm no where rich enough (read: not rich at all) to consider a sticker price like that. Plus I wouldn't want it with the head shown, I prefer the 'pete townshend' head in the illustration. I'd buy the Giant from Warploque. Alex does great sculpting, and at about 5% the price of the one above, for a better (imo) mini, the only thing missing would be collector's value- but give that some time and I wouldn't be surprised if the warploque giant had that too.

  5. Warploque minis are definitely on my radar too - sorry to be a bit off topic but those Death Kiwis need to be in my jungle!

    Back on topic - do you think we'll be having the same conversation about the rather nice Otherworld giant in 20 years time - wishing we'd forked out £90 for it back in the day?

  6. Check out his link for some nice painted giants...including this one.

    I think this is a sweet figure...mostly due to its MASSIVE size...I prefer the smaller Marauder Giant for style though.

    Is this one worth the is the CD Ass cannon...Or the Marauder Mounted Dwarf General....But I still WANT them!


  7. ...and here is the link I was supposed to put in the last msg...:)

  8. I have an assembled and painted Citadel giant for sale if anyone is interested I am open to offers? I can email an image of it at some point.

  9. Love this giant. Especially with the troll appearance (head with big nose). Looks like something out of a norse folktale or a John Bauer-painting.

  10. One of these incredibly rare models is currently being sold on ebay. Unfortunately over my budget!

  11. I managed to get this amazing master piece from my friend I did some work for him and in the deal we decided that I would accept the giant for half the payment he owed me in all honesty its probably the best miniture I own and trust me I've got a lot still to this day we are really good friends in fact he's the best but will still and always will play and paint figures until the end of time