Wednesday 4 July 2012

Facebook and retro Warhammer?

‘Tanks did not slow the Space Marines down. They clambered up on to them, ripped off durasteel hatches as if they were made of paper and dropped grenades into the interior.’

Taken from 'Quote of the Day' by the Black Library Facebook Stream, presumably taken from the 'novel' Angel of Fire.

This incredible piece of prose is what confronted me when I logged on to Facebook this morning. Not that I use the site much, apart from updating distant family about what my son and wife are up to, mostly photographically. Just look at the quality of that writing, eh? With that original and well considered simile, not to mention the exciting verb choices and informative adjectives I am surprised that Black Library novels don't appear more often on bestseller charts! Compare that narrative style to the books we discussed a few weeks ago (warhammer-novels) and shudder!

Worryingly, at the time of writing, 39 people 'liked' this wonderful piece of prose, hopefully in an ironic fashion!

This post, however, is not merely a rant about the bizarre choices of quotes by the BL but more about Facebook itself. Over recent days, I have noticed that I am getting more and more traffic to my blog through Facebook and, being nosey, wondered what on earth was going on. Is my blog being 'liked' on Facebook by retro fans that I do not know? If this is true, then I need to know you! 

Please, if you are reading this blog after clicking a link from Facebook do old Orlygg a favour and explain what exactly it was that you clicked on, or even better, give us a link to the page so I can go have a nose! Perhaps it is time to take the retro 3rd edition vibe out onto FB itself!

Food for thought!


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  1. Certainly an interesting idea...though I have no real concept of FB and how it works. I can't help but notice that there has been a ground swell of interest in the early editions of WHFB in the last couple of years...thanks to you, and Gaj, and Dreamfish, and other such educated and enlightened individuals. If we can locate and interest enough folks perhaps we can actually start to get together and play the old versions rather than just waxing philosophic about it.