Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Skeleton Chariot: Progress update number 1

I've been busy doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that! Undercoating here, highlighting there, basing materials scattered liberally across the painting table as the washes dry.

I found this image online. Its a photograph of our skeleton chariot from Bryan Ansell's collection. You can see the stars of our show here as well as a curious additional. Anyone recognise the horseheaded scythe wielder on the front row? I have never seen that model before; a conversion or something else?

I have greenstuffed up most of the holes and crevices on my chariot. To be honest, I left quite a few of these, especially if they are not going to be seen. I gave the the completed kit a liberal spray of Army Builder black to avoid a moaning spouse (she hates the smell and has a knack of noticing it days after I have used it).

If you recall, I had misplaced Longhorn when I originally cleaned up the models. Here he is in all his glory. The wife had her best friend over tonight and subsequently (despite a few interruptions to make tea etc) I have had two and a half hours of blissful painting. I fiddled with my Rogue Trader orks for a while before moving on to this beauty. Happily, he painted up smoothly and I have just finished him. 

What do you think?

Hopefully, I can get another model done tomorrow and can make a start on the primary colours of the chariot itself. Its the first time I've painted such a large model in this way and I am a little, what's the word, trepidicious, about tackling it.

Any advice for painting up a large model quickly?

Otherwise, the only other thing I've managed today is scan a number of Rogue Trader dioramas on the sister blog, check it out of you are interested.




  1. Looking good. I've tried to snag a metal chariot, but they usually go for more than I'm willing to pay on ebay. I do have a couple of plastic ones that I need to assemble and paint.

  2. Good progress - Longhorn looks great. I'm sure I've seen the other chap somewhere before but not sure where - not much help I know!

    Daft as it might sound but I've normally just used a bigger brush! I'm sure drybrushing would work well on such a nicely textured model - followed by lots of washes to soften the effect?

    Loving the RT stuff too!

    1. I used a bigger brush just as you said; in fact I used the biggest one I could find. I have always favoured detail and fine detail brushes- probably for the control but was very impressed with what a flat drybrush could achieve.

  3. I've been in love with these models forever, and I love your paintwork! Longhorn is easily one of my favourite miniatures, and definitely my favourite undead mini.

    That scythe-wielder is "Scythe 8" in the 1991 Citadel catalogue (section 2). A scan of the page is here:

    1. Thanks for the headsup. He has to be a must for my undead army. Better start the late night trawling!

  4. Just last week I bought 'scythe 8' off ebay. :P