Thursday, 5 July 2012

Skeleton Chariot: progress update number 2

Big brushes indeed!

That was the advice and that is what I followed. Thing is, I have long been an advocate of the detail and fine detail brush. Generally, they are all I have used over the last 20+ years (perhaps that is why its taken me so long to paint anything!) apart from a larger brush to mix paint and water.

Rummaging through the bric-a-brac of gaming and painting that is my draw I located a large, flat brush and endeavoured to drybrush with it. Very quickly the chariot and horses were undercoated in 80s Bestial Brown. This has long been my base colour for bone though very little shows through when I'm done. An orange, red and brown mix for the leather on the mount's backs and the base of the chariot and a dark ink was (black and brown respectively) on the mount's hair and the preliminary work is finished.

They have an earthy, just dragged from the soil feel about them that I feel is very indicative of 80s undead.

 Obviously the chariot is minus its driver at the moment. I'll be painting him up as a single miniature for ease later on. One thing that I am currently pondering is what to do with the supports that attach the slottabase to the hooves of the undead horses; keep them on (painted black) or snip them off. The latter worries me as I have had my fair share of bent miniatures in the past. Hmmm, just have to wait a see!

I am going to start on these horses first. I am particularly pleased with the horrible brown leather for their rotten barding. I have recently started mixing three colours together to create base shades and have found this produces different shades than what I usually work with. I have always found brown a hard colour to get right. 



  1. Looks fine so far, I'm really curious how this one will look when finished. And it's quite hefty, isn't it?:)

  2. Looking good so far! You could keep the lead tabs on and disguise them using some terrain piece!

    Have you thought about making a larger base for the chariot and horses? It would give added sturdiness and could be made into a mini diorama?

    All the best!

  3. I think the extra tabs were mean to be be cut off...At least I hope so because thats what I've done with all my horse figures...:) I like the idea of a larger base would protect the piece as well as give you a platform to do some cool modeling on.


  4. You could use a bit of green stuff and sculpt it around the tabs to turn them into clumps of grass (painted the same colour as your old school green bases) to improve them aesthetically whilst keeping the miniature strongly attached to the base.