Friday 13 July 2012

'DA GOLDEN GOBBOS' : The very easy going Oldhammer painting competition: Entry Regulations and stuff!

I have been humbled by the amount of support for 'Da Golden Gobbos' the first Oldhammer related painting competition. Thank you to everyone who has contributed an idea or offered their services. Before I move on to the nitty gritty of the competition/festival/whatever you want to call it, there are a number of people that need mentioning.

Big thanks need to go to Steve over at thecitadelcollector for offering to showcase the entries on his website. I am sure that you agree, that a website is a little more 'upmarket' that a blog and suits a competition of this type really well. He has already done some stirling work building up galleries of John Blanche's work as well as classic models from the legend of lead himself, Bryan Ansell.

Big thanks must also wind their way on leathery wings to Erny who has located a superb little goblin that he is prepared to tinker with to act as a trophy to be awarded by the proud winner of our little competition. Even as I type, Erny is busy working away at the trophy and we should get to see it in the coming days.

Thanks of chaotic proportions must tremble the warp and reach the ears and mind of  Bruno Galice who has offered six outstanding miniatures sculpted by the awesome hand of Kev 'The Goblinmaster' Adams himself to act as further prize to the winner of our little competition. Check out some early greens of these beauties here.

Headnhalf also needs to be thanked for his willingness to produce graphics to support the competition. I am sure that all you bloggers will agree that the excellent Oldhammer images that we are using to promote our growing community can be supplemented further. In the coming days he will produce an 'official' Oldhammer Golden Goblins banner that we can post on our blogs and sites as appropriate.

Stef needs thanks for offering to become the 'face', 'PR Girl' or whatever its called of the competition and community. She is already trying to find the time to do a test 'photoshoot' to help promote the movement and the competition. After this, we'll get the more professional cameras out (Thank you in advance Bobby) and get some tongue in cheek 80s style banners prepared.

Phew! And these guys are just the start!

Anyway, on to the competition. Written below are the regulations for entry to the competition as well as some indication about how things will be organised and judged. Be aware, this is the first time we have done anything like this so please bear with us if things go a little 'wobbly' at times.

Regulations for Entry

1) Miniatures entered into the competition can be from any manufacturer or even private sculpts but need to be in spirit of the 'citadelesque' nature of Warhammer and Rogue Trader mythos. Original Citadel, Marauder, Ral Partha, Grenadier etc miniatures are, obviously, the main focus of these blogs but don't be afraid to enter something else if your really passionate about it. 

Considering that we are drawing on the 1980s and early 90s as inspiration that gives you a great deal of freedom. One thing that is important in Oldhammer is the freedom to do what YOU want with no restrictions about paint schemes or army lists etc to interfere with your imagination. Try exploring these publications if you are unsure of what we mean as the reflect the style of the times Fantasy-Miniatures-1988 Fantasy-Miniatures-1989 Fantasy-Miniatures-1990.

2) Miniatures are to infantry classed, so no mounted models, monsters etc this time around. Try and keep your bases between 20-30mm in width though, as requested by many, many people, there is no restriction on the shape of the base. 

This competition is focusing on character, hence why we want just a single character model. Thantsants has suggested in the further we may well be able to devise a way of fighting battles with these models but that needs further discussion and development.

3) Miniatures need to be accompanied with full stats, equipment and background.

As we are concentrating on the character model for this competition, we need further information about them. Obviously the stats and equipment are pretty straight forwards, but as Warhammer 3rd edition is the main focus of Oldhammer, 3rd edition stats are preferred but are not necessary. Feel free to use 1st, 2nd or even WFRP stats if you prefer. Rogue Trader stats are also very welcomed. As for the background, there is no need to write Lord of the Rings. I would suggest a word limit of about 300 words to make reading backgrounds easier for us all but to give a little bit of space for development if you so wish. Obviously, the theme of your background is up to you but existence in, relevance to the worlds of Warhammer 3rd and Rogue Trader are preferred.

4) The winner is to be judged by us all. 

Upon entry you will be given a reference number with which you can vote for your favourite entry once the competition is complete and the images are all online. In the spirit of sportsmanship, entries are UNABLE to vote for their own entries. Voting will be carried out through a poll or on the comments page depending on numbers. We are a community that draws its inspiration from its members, therefore it is only right that those members choose the winner.

5) Have fun! 

Get out there and hunt through that mountain of lead and find that figure you have been meaning to paint for years but haven't because it doesn't fit in with the army or armies you are currently working on. The emphasis is on creativity here rather than straight up flash painting, after all, there are other competitions out there for being anal about your skills. DON'T FEEL INTIMIDATED TO ENTER!

6) KEEP THINGS SECRET! In the spirit of competition, don't post WIP on blogs or forums.

 Let's keep things nice and secretive before the big day. I am sure you will agree with me when I say the thing that excites me the most about this little competition is having a good look at what other collectors and painters enter.

If you are interested in entering a miniature in Oldhammer's Golden Gobbos then just email me at:

Provide your name (real or nick), preferred email address and link to your blog/web page if you have one.

I'll send you your registration number and add your email address to the newsfeed. Your details will be kept on a database offline so no worries there. The closing date for the competition will be the 13th August 2012 which gives everyone a full month to get that figure painted.

Plenty of time to mull things over, I am sure that you will agree!

Contact me if you have any further questions.




  1. Awesome!!! Cheers for using my sketch! I'll try and make a start on the 'proper' golden goblin drawing tonight with an aim to have the finished artwork by the middle of next week life permitting :)

  2. Rule 7) the winner promises to pass the golden gobbo on to whoever wins the next time the golden gobbo is run otherwise this is going to be a one stop prize.

    I don't mind painting the golden on up but being no good a NMM it really won't be much more than a gold drybrush over black and perhaps a wash and highlight. Only so much you can do with a golden trophy. Perhaps such a naff PJ will only add to the allure in an ironic way.

    1. NMM is so 21st Century! Good gold gold drybrushing is just what an old school goblin would want!

  3. Hi,

    I´m going to add a pack of Crooked Claw goblins to be chosen by the winner.

    1. Thank you so much for your generosity! Any chance you could send me an image or something we could use to dangle in front of prospective entrants?

    2. Use this one or the ones showing the unpainted minis from the blog

  4. I've made some progress on the Golden Goblin:

    Once he's finished I'll add some colour like the sketch above

    1. Wow! Just wow! It looks like Oldhammer has its first resident artist! I am really looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Can I make a request? Would it be possible to have a black and white version (a la 80s illustrations) and a modern coloured one? Then we have the best of both worlds!

    2. No worries I can sort out a new school and old school version. Easy to do as I generally do the colouring in on photoshop. I'm glad everyone likes it so far I should have some more progress to show off tomorrow.

  5. F@£k yeah!

    (I'm a dad kids may be reading)

  6. That is brilliant Headnhalf - good call on the colour and black and white images Orlygg!

    Been rather tempted by those Crooked Claw Gobbos for a while too...

  7. I will certainlyntrynto knock something up for this...though my summer is crazy full.


  8. Hey Orlygg, I've pretty much finished the Golden Gobbo now (see attached link)

    Get a few little tweaks to do and I'll scan it tomorrow at work and clean it up so I should be able to send you over the finished black and white version on Friday. Let me know if there's anything else you think needs adding.

    1. Wow! He's looking so 80s he should have cycling shorts on and a badged up bomber jacket! Superb work there. Looking forwards to see the new school version!

  9. Once again:
    cannot believe I missed SUCH a contest!
    Oh well - expect me in the next DGG for sure... =]