Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Rogue Trader: Gadge's Old School Collection

Gadge over on the Oldhammer Community Facebook Group has been delighting us early birds with some of his old school Citadel this morning. After a quick word in his ear, he readily agreed to allow me to share his photographs with you. His collection concerns, mostly, the early releases for Rogue Trader and by all accounts he has a fair few rare models from the period. I'd imagine you could have quite a few memorable games of RT with this little lot.

Big thanks to Gadge for letting me share these with you readers. 

Early Citadel releases for Rogue Trader make an impressive skirmish force with a little bit of thought. I love the way he has used the same models with subtle differences to make an interesting force. 

These were the Space Adventurers and most of the range is represented here. These are lovely, characterful models from the gory days of GW. 

Early Space Elves, or Eldar Pirates. They were less defined in the early days of RT, both in design and background. 

Some nice pieces here! What do you recognise? 
Got to love the Ambull. I have been after one for years (like many of you no doubt) and Gadge tells tales of how he used to give them away at GW events back in the day. You killed one, you got to keep it!

Rogue Trooper miniatures. I have always thought these were quite compatible with Rogue Trader and they design ethic running through many early RT sculpts is clearly derived from 2000AD. 

An Imperial Robot. I loved the rules for these. Create your own programs and attack! 

An early Rhino built from the remains on an old GW display apparently. This is part of a greater Imperial Guard Force. 

More early RT miniatures. 

Yet more RT robots. In the days of little or no defined background the sculpting team drew their inspiration from a wide range of sources, including insects.  
An early Sentinel I think. 

Some very rare and expensive models in this collection I feel. Lovely old school charm.

Old Citadel Judge Dredd models. Again, the 2000AD influences on RT can be seen. 

More of Gadge's old school Imperial Guard force. 

And to finish things off, its time for something completely different! Andy Hoare's Space Slann!



  1. Gadge's stuff looks great!

    Those are my own space Slann at the end there, I have a few more painted but haven't finished the whole set yet (maybe I will over this Christmas!)

    1. Thanks Andy, I'll change the caption so folks will know they belong to your good self!

  2. Excellent selection of miniatures.
    Good to see more Space Slann, I think I saw those particular ones in a battle report online somewhere.
    Nice Imperial Army/Guard, good colour choices. I like the colour choices for the early Tyranids too.
    Great collection of miniatures, look forward to seeing more :)

  3. Both forces are used here...


  4. My mistake, the space Slann are used here...


  5. Wonderful figures, a joy to look at

  6. Wow, this is impressive! Thanks for sharing :)

    Merry Christmas! :)

  7. It's time for the goggle trooper to return: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mypX3md0D-g&t=10s