Sunday 29 December 2013

Slaaneshi Beastman and two Chaos Warriors

I am sure that like many of you the family commitments are beginning to ease now that Great Aunt Agatha has been popped on a bus/train/aeroplane and things begin to settle down once more after Christmas. My household is no exception. Being back at home, I lost little time in getting the next batch of Slaaneshi miniatures painted up, though finding decent natural light to work by (and take photographs with) is proving to be difficult.

I have painted this model before so it too on a couple of hours to complete. This time the colour scheme very much followed the pattern I have been developing for this force. Salmon pink with pastel blues and greens, supported by blacks and golds. This model was produced to complete the 12 model unit I showed off last time if Adolphus doesn't want to be part of the unit. Otherwise, he will relax in the depth of my case until another 5 Slaaneshi beastmen are painted up into a smaller unit. I want this force to be beastman heavy, so I plan to include centaurs and minotaurs some time in the future. But in the meantime, I have decided that the second unit I paint, following the six member quota of a Slaaneshi force, will be Chaos Warriors. 

And here is the first of those Chaos Warriors. This one is one of the models that were produced to be Slaanesh favoured, complete with single bosom and crab claw. I used this model as a opportunity to experiment with painting pink and I feel that I have been quite successful. If I was to have a second go, I think I would include more white in the mix earlier on and get the tone more milky, but that is for a future model, maybe even one of the other Chaos Warriors. A fun, if a little crude, sculpt that seemed to take days to complete for some reason. 

In contrast with the above mode, this miniature seemed to take no time at all. Purple, gold, black and flesh all seemed to merge together pretty well though I avoided using a pink this time. What d you think?



  1. hey great paint job. I really love the beastmen. Back in the 80s they were more like individuals than the mass of rank and file like they are today.

  2. Love the shield on the beastman!