Monday 23 December 2013

A Warhammer Bestiary: Chaos Dwarf

Welcome back to A Warhammer Bestiary, my painting project in which I attempt to collect and paint a miniature for each entry in the WFB3 rulebook. So far so good, I have enjoyed every moment of all the miniatures I have painted thus far, and I am just about to start work on elves as they are next in the bestiary. This update concerns the Chaos, or Black, Dwarfs. 

Instead of choosing one of the many heavily armoured examples in the Citadel archives from the 1980s, I opted for this mutated chap. I love this sculpt as the model represents a dwarf who has travelled someway down the path of chaos and has been mutated beyond all recognition of his former self. He has a tentacle arm, a face on his chest and a long winding tail. You can no doubt imagine that this chap's mind has also been duly affected being one step up from ravenous chaos spawn!

The model allowed me to work on flesh tones once more, only this time I was dealing with the warping powers of chaos. With no particular plan in mind the flesh ended up a sickly green to suggest his long descent into damnation and I had a go at blending this green flesh with the malign purple/red I opted to paint the tentacle. Having lost much of his personality, this Chaos Dwarf has lost his sense of pride and how roams the Old World stark naked, with only his matted orange beard preserving his modesty. A lovely comic touch by whichever of the Perrys sculpted this model in the mid 1980s. 

Though hard to see in this photograph, I offset the orange with a purple lip and red tongue. The dwarf is no doubt droolling over the next kill his can make in the name of whatever dark god he worships. When painting him, I didn't really have a god in mind, though with his colouring Nurgle may well have been his benefactor. What do you think?



  1. I love this sculpt and up until recently owned him before donating to a worthier cause for a mate in Germany. Yours looks far better though than my own paint job ever did.

  2. Lovely take on this mini. Wanted to paint him up some day. have to wait to pounce on a good deal.

  3. He looks really cool for a slaaneshi type. More of a pastel than a nurglish green. You can't go wrong with pastels for a slaanesh army I think.