Sunday 8 December 2013

A Warhammer Bestiary: Norse Dwarf

The long winter evenings here in England seem to be made for miniature painting. I get so much more completed this time of year, and I am sure that is the same for many others out there. The object of my attention this particular evening was a Norse Dwarf. Sadly, these are one of the types that fell by the roadside after Third Edition, much like the Sea Elves that we shall see later in this painting series. Thankfully, there are loads of these wonderfully characterful models out there to buy for very little.

This particular example is nearly all chainmail and this gave me the opportunity to work on a my new metallic technique that I had improved with the first dwarf. I am particularly pleased with the helmet and its horns. As you can imagine, drybrushing and ink washing were my best friends with this miniature and it surprises me just how much you can accomplish with skillful application of these two techniques. The face and beard were highlighted, using the same method as before.

For the shield, I did a Colin Dixon's Bugman's inspired foaming flagon against a blue background. This pice of freehand was great fun and didn't atke very long at all. Unlike previous models, this one had a flat 'boss' which allowed me to paint the design on with the shield in situ. I think that a large tankard of booze is an apt symbol to frequent the shield of a Norse Dwarf. It was a toss up between this and a slice of pie! 

For the base, I repeated what I had done with the previous dwarf, only I sculpted the stones to look less like hot cross buns and more like rocks on the ground. The rest of the base was painted in my normal way.

Job done! And what do you think?

Chaos Dwarf next!



  1. You have mastered the art of Dorf painting :)

  2. Nice work sir. More dwarfs please!

  3. Gone from 0 dwarfs to 3 in a row, have we? JOIIIN USSSSS

  4. Love it, especially the rather apt shield.

    "The only good stunty is a dead stunty, and the only thing better than a dead stunty is a dyin' stunty who tells yer where to find 'is mates."

    Morglum Necksnapper