Sunday 8 December 2013

A Warhammer Bestiary: Dwarf

I have reached the dwarfs in my quest to paint one example of every entry in the Warhammer Third Edition Bestiary. And today's post details just that - a dwarf. Not a miner, or blacksmith, nor a troll slayer or super limited wizard from a Combat Card! Just a dwarf. One of the untold thousands of the little chaps who live in the Old World and have assimilated into human society. 

To reflect this I chose a fairly mundane little model, a dwarf with a crossbow, from the range shown below.

I used an original Citadel plastic crossbow, cut down, as this stunty's weapon just as the painter of 031811 did back in the 1980s, only I opted for a darker beard. Photographing the miniature has proven to be a little tricky, largely due to its size, but the pictures below convey enough to give you a suggestion about how he looks.

I am very pleased with the face. Fleshtones are another area I am keen to work on and I must say that this little miniature must have the best face I have ever painted. This has been helped by some very good sculpting from the Perrys. To be honest, this model is the first Citadel Dwarf I have actually ever painted and I can see why people go made for them. Plenty of detail, gorgeous, characterful faces and lashings of charm. I'm tempted to bin this project and just go paint a huge army of dwarfs!

I am also pleased with the metallic look of the dwarf's helmet. I tried to be a great deal more subtle with the shading and the drybrushing this time and it paid off. I shall definitely be using a similar method in the future! I tried to give the model a buff leather look (inspired by ECW miniatures) as he probably represents some dependable retainer of some Old World noble or rich merchant. 

I did my standard basing technique, only I added some small sculpted rocks as a nod to the dwarf's underground heritage. 

So what do you think?



  1. Good choice of miniature. The dwarf crossbowman was one of the best missile troops in 3rd ed, I took many of quarrel in the face back in the day thanks to these guys. The paint job looks good, hard to see the detail on the face unfortunately due to the shadows, perhaps you can get some close up's of him in a future posting? Good idea with reducing the size of the old crossbow.

  2. he's a very well painted Dwarf, He'd be a proud addition to any dwarven army.