Monday 23 December 2013

Slaaneshi Champion: Adolphus Tiberius Lewdflail

With my work done for two weeks and the Christmas holidays beginning today after a rather quiet weekend the festive painting begins in earnest. I have quite a cluttered painting table by any standards, with about ten models in various stages of completion. The theme of the week is Slaanesh. I hope to build a force to take on Ulthur Deathfist in the near future. It is my intention to produce two interesting chaos armies for use at other Oldhammer types' houses. I meet plenty of you that say 'I would really love to play but I have no painted models' so I hope that having two exciting forces, a reasonable table and some scenery would help spread the gospel of Old School Warhammer to those who don't have the resources to put on a good battle. 

This miniature has a rather interesting history. It is, of course, one of Jes Goodwin's Chaos Champion range he produced in the later 1980s. It is my opinion that these models have never been bettered by anyone else due to the varied range, twisted imagination and collectability. What really surprised me was flicking through the latest issue of WD in Tescos the other day, as I do, and I noticed that this Nurgle Champion had been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Now I am not naive enough not to know that miniatures selected for this are more than likely going to have to be available now, and that the Hall of Fame is really just another advert, but come on!. Goodwin's range is vastly superior and consists of a great number of different models for all four gods. The one I selected to paint on is one of the best in my opinion. Quite why they haven't been all re-released in the collectors range is beyond me. 

As I said, this model has a rather interesting personal history. It was originally intended to be my Slakesin character in my Realm of Chaos campaign that inspired this blog. In fact I remember starting painting it while my son was very young and he is now nearly four. I am not sure exactly what it was but something caused me to give up on it. In hindsight, it may have been the complex detail as my painting skills three years ago are not a patch on what they are now. So whatever caused me to cease work on it saw the model abandoned to various storage piles and draws until I came across it a few months ago and returned it to the painting station. I imagined finishing it off at some point. Then the other day I had just mixed up a nice chestnut ink wash for a different model, and having finished the application with plenty to share decided to paint this champion with the leftovers. 

That ink wash really brought out the depth in the model and made it pop. It was pretty easy to apply a couple of layers of highlights here and there to finish the model. And here his is! Ready to lead my Slaaneshi army. All he needed was a suitable name so I chose Adolphus Tiberius Lewdflail. I thought it has a suitably perverted ring to it!



  1. Great model and lovely paintjob, as always! I particularly like the differing shades of pink, and also the skin with the pustules looks very good. How did you do his pustules by the way? You've made them look really...well, disgusting!

  2. Red ink blobbed over the pustules, wait for this to begin to dry and then dot on some yellow. Once dry, highlight with yellow and white mix. Try it out!