Saturday, 24 August 2013

Oldhammer Weekend: Slaves to Darkness Warbands: Mustering your Army Roster

With barely a week to go until the Oldhammer Weekender at the Foundry, I have started to organise quite how Dan and I are going to run a massive clash of over thirty warbands during the day. Its quite a task, and I will be posting my thoughts on the matter over the next few days.

Tonight's post is about how we can best go about creating our, dare I say it, armylists for our warbands. In truth, we don't need armylists. We need army rosters. These are less about points management and are more about game management, creating a handy sheet or two with all the information you require (or the GMs may require) to play. Luckily, suitable sheets were produced for The Lost and the Damned and I include them here for use. Of course, if you have your own system of organising your warband, feel free to use them. These sheets are merely a suggestion and not a prequisite.

So, to start us off. The army roster for your Chaos Champion complete with a section to record those gifts, attributes and magic spells.