Friday, 9 August 2013

Acceptable in the '80s: White Dwarf 110: Dwarf Fire Throwers and Dwarf Crossbows

As a follow up to this mornings visit to the '80s, I present the Warhammer content from White Dwarf 110. As has now become standard, this issue is packed with articles for all of the 'new' Games Workshop games. Warhammer gets a tiny addition, but it's a gem!

Here we see the standard Warhammer Armies square only the amusing narrative is missing from background. From this point, WD begins to feel more formal. The zany 'homemade' editorial style has been replaced with a more serious attitude to the Warhammer Worlds. Still, there is plenty of background material here. Interestingly, the actual miniature itself for the fire thrower is barely mentioned in the magazine, apart from a black and white shot on the mail order page.

Dwarfs were obviously on the minds of someone at Citadel, as we also see these nice dwarf crossbow  miniatures that make use of the plastic crossbow. I have several of these and I really do prefer these incarnations of the stunty ones. The 'cod Viking' dwarfs of these times are too ostentatious for my taste. Give me these old school 'snow white' versions any day.



  1. Excellent! Didn't know neither the article nor the picture of dwarf crossbowmen.

  2. THX for showing us this article gem. I have this dwarfen warmachine ( not painted but maybe sometime). The Dwarfes from the 80s and early nineties are realle a must have. Sadly these range among the most pricey on ebay. My favourites are the Bretonnian style dwarfes as these are in my opinion the way I like to see Dwarfs ( do not know why).

  3. White Dwarf 110 was the first one I owned myself (loved the dramatic Wayne England cover), and after scanning the rules for the fire-thrower into scribd a few weeks back, I picked up the model from ebay for a couple of quid to use with some dwarven allies for my Norse :)