Saturday, 10 August 2013

Warhammer Third Edition Ad from White Dwarf 110

Issue 110 of White Dwarf also contained an impressive advert of third edition Warhammer materials. The two page spread reads like an Archaeo Oldhammer gamer's checklist now, with you mentally ticking off items in your head.

Warhammer Siege? Got that!

Skeleton Horde? I have two!

Mighty Fortress? Picked one up for 50p at a car boot sale!

Rick Priestley's '80s jumper? No, not even Alan Partridge would wear that these days!

This ad didn't run in isolation either. Over the coming issues, Rogue Trader, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Citadel Colour would all get a version.

So, how much of this stuff do you own now, eh readers?



  1. This does bring back good memories.
    Well I have the Warhammer 3rd ed rulebook & Warhammer Armies still. I also have the Townscape paper terrain book. I have a large orc & goblin army and Dwarf army (so a lot of those plastic minis that came 5 of each type in a combo box) -both of these armies I inherited, my own Dark Elf army went missing..not sure what happened there.

  2. I can check off the books, but not a Mighty Fortress :(
    Well done on getting it for 50p!

    I don't have that many mounted Chaos Knights either or the Lava Dragon.

    Nice article, bringing back memories too! :)

  3. 3rd edition √
    Siege √
    Armies, I feel like I do have it but am not sure where.
    Mighty Fortress √ still in the box, unpainted.

    There are also some WD issues and maybe a painting guide kicking around in storage. I need to dig for this stuff.

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  5. Well some I have. Warhammer 3rd -- yeppa I even had mine made as a hardback ( cost me a bottle of "Schnapps" to have it made by a friend who works as a printer). Warhammer Armies also yep and also Siege. Sadly no Castle.
    Warhammer Skelly Army...Two Boxes and some spare models as these early plastic skellys are not that loved here in Germany so are even now optainable for a few bucks.
    Just the red chaos book but then two boxes of warhammer regiments and a few of the old warmachines.
    Did you remember "Heroes for Wargames" book??? I am very proud to have one.

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  8. Your blog inspired me to dig out my WHFB 3rd edition rulebook, and I found a 1986 vintage Games Day programme inside!

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