Monday, 12 August 2013

At last! I have my collection back! Well, part of it anyway!

After over four months of waiting, I have my collection back where it belongs, on display. In fact, this is the first time that all my surviving painted models have been put of display in the house as for a long while the Non-Leadhead (wife) didn't like the idea of the 'ugly little men' being seen.

Thankfully, she has relented but only if the display cabinet was in keeping with the rest of the house. So, she has allowed me to use an old Welsh Dresser from the 1920s as a storage device for my collection. Just to fill you in, we have had some considerable building work going on here and my collection was put away for what we originally thought would be a short time. But the build rolled on and on, with almost unbelievable incompentence from the building contractor. There was no fault with the work, just how long it took to complete it. One problem was the skip they hired remained unemptied for over three weeks on our driveway which meant entry to the garage was impossible. Couple that with the faulty garage door and a million other problems and its been a most stressful time. I have still to get my hands on the leadpile itself, but hope to reach that today behind all the piles of junk that need taking to the tip. 

Then maybe I might get a warband finished for Bring out your Lead 2013. 

Only, I haven't got a painting table yet, loosing my desk to the fish tank!

Anyway, I photographed my collection of painted models. Partly to show off my new, if a little unusual, display cabinet but also to prove without a doubt that Orlygg does have other models that are not Old School. I have mentioned my Sisters of Battle army before, well I have found what is left of it and got it out for people to see. 

Let's have a look shall we?

Though originally produced to display crockery, the Welsh Dresser does surprisingly well as a miniatures stands. The cupboard underneath will house my archive and painting equipment, as well as WIPs. I also have two cutlery draws which I shall use for tool storage or perhaps for some of the leadpile. 
The two units that I have completed for my old school Goblinoid army, as well as the giant spider some of you may have seen on the Facebook Group. A Tzeentch champion resides up front with the Death Elemental and two horrors. 
Various chaos creatures left over from my Realm of Chaos campaign that inspired this blog. Nice shot of my plastic skeletons too!

Here we have the rest of my skeletons and the Nurgle Warband I created and played with recently. A few chaos dwarfs along the front. 
Bloodletters and the skeleton chariot, as well as a few Skaven. Note the sorceress on the unicorn? I painted this for an ex-girlfriend back in 1997. Luckily, she left this behind when she left! It was in display in the Exeter GW store for quite a while when I lived in that city. Next to her is one of the plastic army skeletons I painted as a 'yoof'. One of the few models left from my 1987-1992 period, I used a piece of thread to create a string for the bow based on a picture I'd seen in White Dwarf. 
Units from my Khorne Army and a few old school style chaos renegades.
All my painted beastmen, both Khorne and Slaanesh. Rogue Trader Chaplain and orcs up front. 
Sisters of Battle Army, painted in 2004 while I was living and working in Peterborough. The Inquistor and his retinue are in the foreground. Oh, and a few chaos warriors to the left. 
More of the Sisters of Battle army. These were lovely metal models. The whole army was metal and I think it was the only all metal army still available back then. You don't seem to see much of the Sisters anymore, or is it just me not looking?
I have loads of Space Marines from various chapters. Here you can see the Death Company from my Flesh Tearers Army, and two very heavily converted Death Guard marines. These were made with parts from the old Bitz Service. I think they cost about £20 each to make in the end. 
Right, I better wade back into the junk pile and try and find the lead. I told you I wasn't 'just old school'! I'll do some close ups if anyone is interested in anything particular.



  1. Nice collection, got a few of those myself (somewhere). Old skool minis in an old skool cabinet, very fitting. You might find a make-up brush useful, one of those you use to apply rouge (think the ladies call it foundation). Or a camera lens brush. Very useful for dusting your collection, which you had better get used to given the absence of glass doors!

  2. A fine array! All my stuff resides in foam trays and boxes from Figures in Comfort, which is rather less visually appealing than your own display...

  3. Very nice collection of some great models and nice paintjobs as well. /Hans

  4. Yeah, great bunch of classic minis.

  5. My collection is still in storage, though some of them are on a shelf at my mom's house. None of them are with me, nor are my paints. I haven't painted or played in years, I live vicariously through others on the Internet.

  6. Oh god, the dusting... No glassed-in cabinets that fit your decor, huh? :(

  7. Very nice collection, though I would worry about the dust also!

    I wouldn't mind seeing some close ups of the Sisters of Battle Seraphim.

    And by the way, excellent blog. Very interesting articles which I always enjoy reading.

  8. Great collection! Love those converted Death Guard in the last picture. Perhaps Mrs. Orlygg would let you have an IKEA "Detolf" glass cabinet...?

  9. I love your collection, very well painted, and yes you even have later edition figures as well (The Sisters of Battle), I envy you sir I really do.