Wednesday 29 August 2012

CLASH OF CHAOS: Slaanesh vs Khorne introduction


The clamour of combat ceased. Mad Froatslica lay in two gory pieces on the marshy ground, scarlet blood oozing rapidly from the ragged stump of what had been the orc leader's neck. His former comrades stood aghast and, if truth be known, thoroughly impressed by the prowess of the gigantic chaos champion.

"I fort dat da big hoomee wood 'ave bin ded slow, like!" One warrior, his yellow moon faced shield resting on the soggy ground, muttered. "But ee moov'd like an angree wasp!"

"Aye," grunted a companion, "oo'd fort dat ol' Froatslica wood cop a chop ta da 'ead like dat... Took it cleen off 'is shoaldas!"

"Eeez a good 'un at fytin' dat chaos boy." Another orc remarked, his broken jaw and cracked teeth curling into a smile. 

"Dis Korny bloke sowndz a rite laff," yet another orc commented, "all dis blood 'n' skullz 'n' fings. Rite up me street, I can tell ya!"

Eagerly, the rest of the troop of orcs nodded, understanding dawning on some of the more slow witted greenskins that this champion would lead them into some great fights.

The champion spat at the remains of the orc general and turned his ugly face to regard the small troop of goblins and orcs. Even the wolves, usually so fierce even around the goblinoids, shied away from his gaze.

"WELL?" Ironcron growled, "DO WE HAVE A DEAL?"

There followed a great deal of bowing, scraping and a positive murmur of assent.

The goblinoids would march for Khorne.

Welcome to the latest battle report here at Realm of Chaos 80s. After just over a year to the day Dan and I started our campaign, we met up at his house to fight would turned out to be the largest and most complex battle we have fought to date. The battle was to be fought between two great rivals, the Doomaxes of Khorne and the Slaanesh's Throng of Exquisite Pleasure. They had met in battle many times before and there were several grudges to be settled among the characters and, undoubtably, new grudges to make.

Slakesin the Fondler wandered blissfully through the writhing bodies. The half hushed whispers of pleasure and the howls of pain a delight for his acute ears. His silk clad feet strode purposely through the tangle of limbs that made up the foul orgy. Here and there, Slakesin could see the deformed shapes of his followers rolling with, biting, penetrating and caressing the rotting forms of Morbius' zombies. The stench of decay and rotting flesh filled his nostrils, the sickening recoil was a fascinating sensation, and one he would have to explore further in the hours to come.

Pungent incense coiled like smokey serpents around the seated figure of the liche. His purple robe, little more than a satin tatter, hung like a funeral shroud from Morbius' skeletal shoulders. The hollow eye sockets regarded the Chaos Champion with contempt.

"Are you ready, Morbius?" Slakesin asked. "Your 'gift' has been delivered by my servants." 

Morbius turned to face the jumble of dragon bones that would, one day, become a skeletal chariot. The ancient liche dreamed of crushing this filthy warrior with it...

"I am ready..." The liche rasped, his voice like dried leaves skittering across gravestone.

As regular readers will know, I have been busy with scenery recently and all the hard work with bottle brushes and brillo pads has really paid off. As I lay out the scenery, including a model house I made about five years ago, I was impressed by the product of all my efforts. Dan was too, after all, we now had a 'real' battlefield with 'real' properly painted armies. This was certainly a long way from our first game with unpainted models...

A bird's eye view of the battlefield at the beginning of the game
 We were using our standard Realm of Chaos army lists but generated new rules for the Orcs and Goblins as well as the Undead. These forces would represent allies of the chaos forces. When playing Realm of Chaos we feel that this helps introduce a little more variation to our games, we get to game with different troop types and have fun with their rules.

View from the Slaaneshi lines. My two beastmen units can be seen on the left hand side while the skeletons lurk on the right. The Bloodthirsty visage of Dan can be seen contemplating his army list in the background.

 In my next post we will explore the army lists for the two forces in more detail as well as discussing the special rules we selected for our game.

Until then, long live Third!



  1. Grarrgghh!!!!!
    Great looking game!
    Can't wait to see how it plays out!

  2. Hope the peasants who lived in that house have legged it in good order!

    Looking great and should be an entertaining game.

  3. Looks absolutely awesome! It was your early battle reports on this blog that infected me with the virulent 'Oldhammer' bug, so I look forward to reading more about this titanic clash.

  4. Saweeet. "Chaos, Chaos, Chaos!!!" Can't wait to see how the grudges and rivalries play out. Another great post!

  5. Saweeet. "Chaos, Chaos, Chaos!!!" Can't wait to see how the grudges and rivalries play out. Another great post!

  6. Doom for the Doom One... Destroy these cursed androgynes.
    Nice board and miniatures.
    Bye Nico.

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