Thursday 2 August 2012

Oldhammer Forums and Skeleton Chariot Progress Part 4


Leadheads of the world unite!

Over on the Oldhammer blog (here) the one and only Bruno Galice has only gone and set up a forum dedicated to Oldhammer and retro Warhammer! Follow this link (here) to sign up. Its very, very early days and I think Bruno would be very interested in any ideas you have.


My daughter woke early and like the caring husband I am I offered to take her downstairs at about 4:30am this morning. Luckily, she slipped off into sleep and I got several hours of uninterrupted painting time before she, my wife and son awoke.

Here are the fruits of my early morning labours!

The chariot still has a few little things to be done. A few more washes on the horns, the teeth tidying up and a little black ink here and there but its mostly complete. Yesterday I mistakenly stated that the skeleton pictured here was Screamer, I was wrong - it is in fact Hellblade! Well, Hellblade is finished and based and ready for action. 

As regular readers will know, I am working on painting citadel style 80s shields. I am working on skull designs at the moment and this is my second ever effort. Not a fantastic picture I know but I think I am starting to get somewhere. 


  1. Excellent pj - love the horns and the skull on the shield is fantastic for only your second effort.

  2. Great work and lovely shield!