Monday, 10 August 2015

Stuart's Citadel Blister Collection

During my recent adventure to Stuart Klatcheff's home to paint up a few miniatures, my host remarked once again about his fabled collection of sealed blister packs. Being a retiring sort, Stuart has plenty of time to scour eBay for bargains and his knowledge of the Citadel range (pre and post slotta) is considerable, so subsequently his collection has grown to formidable size. 

Bt until now, I had only HEARD about the near mythical collection but had never actually seen it. Just before I was leaving, Stuart bought down just ONE of his many boxes from his secret dungeon. What lay within just blew me away, as you will see. 

The carefully packed box was just full of sealed blister packs from the glory days of the 1980s. And these packs weren't just sealed, many of them were mint and looked to have just been plucked from the shelf of a Games Workshop store or Wonderworld type shop only yesterday. 

My first forays within the container unearthed some treasures indeed, including a mint and sealed rarer variant of Skrag the Slaughterer, along with Realm of Chaos era centaurs, an armoured minotaur and some dwarfs! 

More spilled from the box and I dug deeper, including: chaos dwarfs, bloodletters, dark elves and an Adeptus Machanicus marine all sealed within their blisters.

But we had barely started...

Can you spot the sealed and mint limited edition Thrud model? Or the chaos champions - including the chap with the jezzail? 

Or the (originally limited) Slaanesh champion with the book and sword - still sealed and practically mint! How does he do it?

It went on and on...

There are two pretty desirable models in that blister!

It was like a stock cupboard in 1989!

I have never even seen a sprue of the plastic Citadel crossbows. Let alone some still sealed in a Realm of Chaos pack. 

And then there was Stuart's white metal (mostly) collection of loose models - of which I saw just a fraction. 


Including this lovely model from Kev Adams.

And I thought I HAD A LOT!



  1. Holy cow I could spend hours just digging through this stuff staring at each Blisters and Models in awe for minutes with mouth wide open. Would cause a little mess on the floor though.
    Great collection.

  2. That is clearly a man with a time machine!

  3. That is insane, I dread to think of the vale of that lot today, but it feels so wrong that they will probably always remain encased in their clear poly tombs!

    I used to work in a model and gaming store however, and the maddest collectors were the Diecast limited editions set. Not only would they not take the model out of the box, they would not open the protective packaging the box came in to us from the distributors. Anything could've been in there, they simply took it on faith it was what they'd ordered; as its' collectible value was higher still sealed in the brown cardboard delivery box than in any lesser state of undress!!


  4. Sad to think they'll never get painted.

  5. The collector in me is in awe of those pristine models but the painter in me shouts louder and wants to rip them all open !

  6. H's lucky he no longer lives near me or I'd sneak in and open them all. Free the lead!

  7. Ah back when miniatures were pure unadulterated fun! I have found memories of a lot of those, and indeed had that dwarf blister with the crossbows, also the only time I had ever seen them. Just looking at those old price tags made me laugh as I used to think miniatures were too expensive then, even though I bought many. Oh to go back now!

  8. Just give me the address and I'll sort the rest. Mum's the word.

  9. I find it intensely depressing to think they will continue to sit unpainted, never able to fulfill their destiny to do battle...


  10. I have some gobbo wulf boys that are to be liberatedone from their gobbo blisters soon.

  11. I have some gobbo wulf boys that are to be liberatedone from their gobbo blisters soon.

  12. I have some gobbo wulf boys that are to be liberatedone from their gobbo blisters soon.

  13. Ok if this is alot then I have some issues that need sorting out lol ive got 3 containers that size.....all unopened blisters. But there is one big difference between our stashes, his is full of some of the most wanted minis going around, if it wasnt for my 80s-90s gobs and orcs i have in mine and my old undead and high elves id swap my 3 for his one any day of the week lol
    One reason i have so much is as a reseller of GW stuff I had inside knowledge when they got rid of the metals they had so in one day I filled my 3rd Box to the brim. Most of mine are lucky finds on ebay but some i had bought back in the early 90's

  14. I've got nearly as much 80's Citadel lead as he does.