Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Eastern Front Studio's Antiquis Malleum: The First Green is Complete and New Concept Art Released!

Great news for all of you following the 'Antiquis Malleum' project. Tim Prow has finished the first green! By the time you will be reading this you will have probably oggled over the frontal shot that Tim has taken. Its a lot bulkier than the original concept, but I am sure that you will agree that this is a brilliant interpretation of Tony Ackland's concept. 

What follows are the multi-angled shots of the champion. I will let the photographs do the talking! Enjoy!

As Mick gets ever closer to launching the Kickstarter, the project needs a logo and associated banners and graphics to help support the launch. As many of you will know, there is a competition running to design the 'Antiquis Malleum' logo and Mick has been astounded at the response. I was a little foolish in suggesting that you post your designs on Facebook, but it appears that you designers are a private bunch who like to keep their ideas to themselves (and understandably so) so please do email them to me here at realmofchaos80s@yahoo.co.uk.

Mick has set a closing date of this Friday (31st of January) at midnight GMT so if you are working on a design, please submit it before then. Many of you have made great use of the two concepts released and as a special reward to you all, I have got permission to share a third. Do with it what you will graphic designers!

Good luck!

Any thoughts about the finished green? Any views about Tony Ackland's concepts? Then please don't hesitate to share.



  1. Really pretty! Just spot on to the amazing concept art. This is one of the coolest minis projects I've seen in an age. Thanks for the updates on this!

  2. Love the sword (with pustules?) and the armour detailing. Also love the mouth on the helmet. Great sculpt.

  3. Bulkyer you say? Tim Prow = Bulky minis. IMHO it's fantastic and looks like it would be a pleasure to paint old style as it has insane amount of textures.

    Glad to see Tim added a cloack...I positively know Mr. Prow loved to add flat parts to minis so people could "customize" them just adding FreeHand.

  4. So when will this get cast & where can I get them?