Sunday 26 January 2014

NEWSFLASH: New Eastern Front 'Antiquis Malleum' competition announced with Mushroom Men casts as a prize!

'Antiquis Malleum' needs you! Again! After the successful 'naming competition', Mick Leach is eager to continue the community driven ethos behind this project with another comp, this time to create a banner, or banners, to help advertise the kickstarter when things go live in a week or two (hopefully!) Eastern Front Studios are offering the first casts of this fantastic Mushroom Men as the prize if you are the lucky winner!

Interested? Eager to contribute more? Desperate for a couple of Mushroom Men? Well here are the details about what Mick is after. 

1) The logo for 'Antiquis Malleum'. This needs to fit in with the old school ethos of Oldhammer, Citadel/Grenadier etc and other stuff from the 1980s. Take your inspiration from the logos used on Realm of Chaos, old ads or the He-Man titles etc and you'll be bang on the button for what Mick is after. 

2) A banner, which includes the logo, that can be used as a profile picture, blog side ad etc to help promote the kickstarter. This needs to fit in with Tony Ackland's concept art as closely as you can. You are free to use this concept art in any way you feel appropriate to. 

3) The finished piece to be saved as a jpeg (or equivalent) and emailed to me here at or posted on the Facebook Oldhammer Community Page. 

And that's it!

I am looking forwards to seeing what you Photoshop experts can come up with.

Hoping to hear from you soon, 


PS: I can also tell you that as far as I understand it, Tony Ackland is now working on a new pantheon of chaos daemons that might be inspired by a deity who's name begins with 'M' and these may be included as a stretch goal!