Sunday, 18 January 2015

Oldhammer, Dark Future and Facebook

Oldhammer is s victim to fashion just like a number of teenagers on the high street. Miniature ranges, games and even blogs can surge in popularity, only to die down once more waiting for the next frantic spurt of interest.

Always being one to be aware of the current trends in the old school interweb, I thought I would direct you towards a new Facebook Group from the admin team of the Oldhammer Community and the Oldhammer Trading Company.

It seems the whispers of the new Mad Max film in the works, the long desert highways of an alternative future are rapidly becoming the scene of choice with many hobbyists, many with hacking or spamming skills it seems as my old blog detailing Dark Future was attacked by Spammers/Hackers today!

I have alerted the local Sanctioned Op station and they have dispatched a specialist to hunt down the offender or offenders. They recommended deleting the blog altogether. Luckily, I have a back-up and will be reposting the lost material here shortly. Hopefully, in doing so it should kick start me into doing a bit more Dark Future stuff in future.

To conclude, then...

Have an interest in Dark Future?

Have a Facebook Account?

Go join the group!

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