Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dark Future Models: Sanctioned Op Test Piece

Non-leadhead (wife) is in bed snoozing away the afternoon with the baby daughter. Future-leadhead (son) asleep in front of Cbeebies. Leadhead busy at modelling table, and here are the fruits of his labours (though actual lead content if very low!)

A snipped, clipped, filed, glued model of a 1980s Dark Future car, complete with metal Sanctioned Op driver. 

The wheels were also separate by I had already stuck them on before I thought about taking the photograph.
They don't half give you a fair number of weapon options - seven guns and a rooftop mount. I was tempted to just kit up the vehicle with everything (there are certainly enough holes to fix the weapons on) but in the end decided to go with a single weapon, roof mounted of course!

'Roof-mounted maxim machine gun? That will do nicely, sir!' There really was no other option. 

I intend to paint the model in two pieces. The chasis first, complete with driver and dashboard details, and then the bodywork. There is also a piece of transparent plastic that will act as a windscreen but it shows up rather oddly in photos. 

The completed model looks like this. I really am rather excited about this project as it is totally different than anything I have done before. The space for conversion work is massive as is the scope of narrative within a campaign. 

Right, where did that spray paint go?


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