Monday, 14 July 2014

Oldhammer on Google + (JOIN JOIN JOIN!)

Just a quick note to say that Warlord Paul has set up a new Google + Oldhammer Community and its really rather intriguing. I have had a go and find it very easy to use. Its fairly embryonic, but seems a bit more modern than the Oldhammer Forum. I know a lot of people are reluctant to use the forum these days so hopefully this new group will help bridge the divide between the Facebook Diehards and the Forum Longbeards. 

Obviously, the success of any online community is entirely down to its members. So how about you pop on over and join up after reading these few words? 

Here's the link.


PS: I hope you like the goblin above! Its a 1988 sculpt from Kevin Adams and comes with attachable arms. Though unreleased, there are some kicking around the collecting scene. This one is part of the Ansell family collection and was painted (quite recently, I might add) by Marcus Ansell. 


  1. The best thing the google plus community has to offer is the hangout feature which will make forming long distance rpg groups a possibility. We already have enough for a couple of campaigns of wfrp and one of our members has some experience running the advanced Fighting Fantasy Sorcery! rpg too. The emphasis is on gaming and games-mastering so that the Oldhammer Plus community can fill gaps rather than overlap with blogs, the forum and the FB pages, so while collecting and painting posts aren't at all viewed negatively they may be somewhat incongruous.

  2. Beautifully done Brian.


  3. Hi Orlygg,

    Is it not an Orc boy in fact?

    I picked up a bunch of them at a wargaming show a few years back. not the prettiest of sculpts but they scrub up well apparently! Maybe I should do something with mine.