The Great White Dwarf Clock Mystery

Here is an interesting little story. During the Oldhammer Weekend, I was asked to have a look at a clock by Diane Ansell. She went on to explain that the clock had hung in their home for many years but that Bryan (or anyone else for that matter) could not recall where exactly the timepiece came from, who made it and for what reason. There were a few scattered memories of the clock being given to Bryan during a trip to a convention in the United States sometime in the early 1980s, but that was pretty much it.

Marcus found a battery and got the chronometer ticking again and after giving it a thorough dusting the piece was as good as new. The back of the clock is decorated with a screwed on wooden relief (see above) and it seems to be signed (see below) JJ 83.

So, do you recognise this clock? Or even better, do you know who built this intriguing timepiece and for what exact reason?

If you do, please contact me here at as we would love to solve this little mystery 




  1. surely Jervis Johnson, no? ;)

  2. This really affected my overall being as a Warlock

  3. There's got to be some sort of inside joke about the fact that it's literally made from the bottom of a barrel.

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