Tuesday 6 May 2014

Oldhammer Weekend 2014 Update and a little favour for a friend...

Evening all.

Its been a bit quiet of late about the Oldhammer Weekend here in the UK. Some of you will know that there was a slight spanner in the works when the Ansell family found that they needed to relocate the Wargames Foundry, our venue. However, they are committed to helping us with our event and are planning to accommodate us at Neward, not far from Stoke Hall, the Ansell family home. 

Here is what Marcus has to say. 

"With regard to the actual event: we  are happy to go along with pretty much anything you want. The new Foundry premises are not far away from Stoke Hall, so we will be better able to feed you than in the past. We can do breakfast, lunch and/or  a choice of hot dinners according to your preference. We regularly feed over 100 people on our Wars of the Roses tours and have very much better kitchen facilities here in East Stoke than at our old factory.
We assume that you would also like a bar. We also have plenty of free and very safe parking on our own lane right next to the new Foundry.

We can provide tables, terrain and space for wargaming. If you have any particular requirements, let us know and we will most likely be able to accommodate you! We hope to display significantly more old Citadel models from my Father's collection than we have managed previously.

Here is a link to the timetable of the excellent bus route between Nottingham, East Stoke and Newark


If you are coming from Nottingham, the best place to catch a bus from Nottingham to East Stoke is just off the Square: right outside the Games Workshop Shop on Friar Lane. Buses run every hour and the journey from Friar Lane to East Stoke takes 35 minutes. Get off the bus and turn left up School Lane. After a while you will pass the gates of Stoke Hall, keep  on going past the church under the bridge and you will find another pair of big gates on your right. We will have put a Foundry sign on the gates by then.

Turn right and head on through the gates and up the drive. To the left you will see the majestic floodplain of the River Trent, to the right you will see a mediaeval church. Foundry is housed through the great big blue doors immediately ahead: we will be putting photos up of our progress installing Foundry in its new home on our website. It's likely that work will still be going on when you get here: but we're sure that it won't cause any problems. You might find it interesting to see our ongoing building work.

In the unlikely event that you've find yourselves lost on the way in, don't hesitate to give us a call!

Here is our Google maps address:


If you are eating in Newark in the evening we recommend the All Spice Indian restaurant (tell them I sent you) and the Castle pub. They are both next to Newark Castle.

Best Western is highly regarded for accommodation.

If you are arriving on the Friday, there's no reason why you shouldn't head over to Foundry at whatever time of the day you fancy. If we are prewarned we will be able to organise food. If you are arriving early and have troops you could even have a game on our tables. We will remain open on the Friday evening if there is sufficient interest.

It will be really good if you (one, some or all of you!) could give me a call at some point to talk about any particular plans or requirements we might help you with, and ask any questions that you might have. 

Cheers: and apologies again

Marcus Ansell


If any Oldhammerers actually live in the Newark area, we would be very grateful if they fancied helping us to move into our new premises. Also, if there are any computer guys based round here who would like to lend a hand with the development of our website, we would be very happy to meet them."

That leaves me with a question. What do you want from your Oldhammer Day? I am happy to talk to Marcus and arrange details as I feel that only having one or two people doing the arranging will result in fewer (hopefully) mix ups and cross lines. 

So if you are planning a game, require tables, scenery or any other information please let me know here, or on the Facebook version of this post. Thanks. remember, this is a FREE event with zero budget. Nor is a tournament, so don't expect any of that nonsense from us. 

I am more than willing to organise another Chaos Warbands Realm of Chaos battle if there is sufficient interest too. 

So get in touch! 

Additionally, I have recently been in communication with a chap called Darren Smith. He is very interested in researching the old Arcane Armorials competition carried through a number of publications in the mid '80s. Here's what he had to say.

"I have been asking for help in regards to that pesky competition WD ran for a shield and banner design. Anyway I've been bidding on plenty of WD on Ebay and have managed to get my hands on a few which contain entries for said competition. So far I've found the actual competition in WD100 and entries in both WD 102 & 104 but still no winners !!!
On a completely different subject I thought I'd send you a picture (at the top of this post) of my attempt at converting a dwarf into the classic Prince Gomrund Tallhelm as seen in the Citadel Combat Cards."

Can you help?



  1. Won t attend as I m in France and stuck on a long term recovery, but the Ansell family really goes one step further when it comes to acomodate the oldhammer week end. Kudos to them !

  2. For those interested in the development of the conversion mentioned here at the end of this post and shown up at the top please look at this thread on the Bugman's site: http://www.bugmansbrewery.com/topic/32761-my-oop-throng-compeleted-prince-gomrund-tallhelm/page-40

    Best of luck with the Oldhammer event!

  3. I'm not sure if these are the same competitions but check these out:


  4. Thanks Orlygg - I'll let you know once I've got all the details and requirements for everyone involved in the Epic and Siege games.

    I have a couple of WD's with Arcane Armorial entries in but no winners - they may be the same as the ones you've mentioned though.

  5. The Arcane Armorial winner was announced in the second Citadel Journal from Autumn 1985 - John Pickering from Kirkby had his design painted onto a genuine shield by Dave Andrews as a trophy.

  6. Thank you for coordinating this Orlygg.

    theottovonbismark, Just John and I will be attending BOYL 14. We should get to Foundry after lunch on Friday and we hope to spend as much time as possible there from that point until Sunday afternoon, to get the best value from the weekend.

    "theleadpile" and I have been working on a game that we hope to play at the event. That will require a single average sized table on Saturday morning only (as discussed in a thread on the forum). Can you add that to your list please?

    Finally, can you possibly supply a link to the correct "Best Western" to book accommodation at please? My local geography is non-existent and I dont want to book the wrong hotel.

    Again, many thanks for being the contact point. Let me know if you need more information.

  7. Orlygg thanks for posting my question hopefully I will finally get an answer !!!

    Thanks to all the answers but sadly its not what I'm after. The competition I'm talking about first appeared in WD100(April 1988) It was for a banner and shield and 10 winners would get a mighty fortress, a copy of warhammer siege and a pack of warhammer regiments. So the answers so far pre-date this comp by a good few years. really hope someone can help.


  8. Hello mate - I'm running a big Epic game on Sunday. There's 8 of us signed up so far and we'll all want feeding at lunch and most of us at breakfast. We'd like a 12x8 foot table if possible and any scenery that would go with 6mm - although I would imagine they are more geared to 28mm at Foundry.

    I'm nearly there with the Siege game - just waiting on numbers of players for each day. Basically there's 13 of us signed up so far. Some of us would like to come down on Sunday afternoon for the first scenario. i imagine all of us will be around for the Saturday game (and would like feeding - brekkie, lunch and tea) and then there'l be a good few of us continuing the game on the Sunday - I'm assuming they'll also be wanting lunch. I think the bigger the table the better for this - perhaps 8x12 ft again.

    Let me know if you need any more details than this.