Friday 30 May 2014

Chico's Chaos Challenge: Chaos Dwarf Bazooka Team

Here is my entry in the latest Chico's Challenge. A Realm of Chaos era Chaos dwarf Bazooka team. Now, if you are not aware of who (or, indeed, what Chico is) then I heartily recommend that you pop over to his website here. Oldhammer on a Budget says exactly what it says on the tin. It documents one man's quest to collect as much old school themed miniature goodness for next to nothing - or preferably, bugger all. 

I have had this team sitting on my desk for almost a year. They were originally to be part of the warband I took to BOYL 2013, and then later part of the Deathfist's army at Blog-Con. Sadly, they never got finished and they gathered dust. Hence the value of little competitions and challenges like Chico's, the encourage you to focus your painting and get stuff done. 

The colour scheme is based on the chaos warrior who resided on the cover of the Realm of Chaos packaging on the blister walls of yesteryear. The base colour for the crimson is Go Faster Red, a rather rare colour from the Ork and Eldar paintset. I added a bright yellow to the base and simply worked up the edges and bends in the armour. The green's base is Woodland Green, highlighted with the addition of white to the mix. The gold was a mix of Shining Gold, yellow and chestnut ink, highlighted witha little silver. 

All and all, a quick colour scheme and one that saw these miniatures completed in about two and half hours. Not bad for two little dwarfs. Chico can tell you a story a bout two little dwarfs, but it takes quite a strong stomach to listen to it. 

Enjoy, oh and you still have a couple of days to get something finished or photographed for his competition. there is talk of a prize to boot, but whether that involves the two dwarfs is anyone's guess. 



  1. They look great....the gunners helmet mask combo may be my favorite Chaos Dwarf Head gear ever...and yours looks fantastic.

  2. "Chico can tell you a story a bout two little dwarfs, but it takes quite a strong stomach to listen to it."

    Do go on ...

    1. Well it entails a bar of soap, a Ninja and a step ladder....

  3. Sinister little chaps aren't they? Very nice paint job I must say!

  4. Great job on these guys. They were my favourite paint job from "Chico's Chaos Challenge".