Thursday 8 May 2014

The Citadel Journals

Following on from my discovery of the Citadel Compendiums, which can be seen here, These are links to the Citadel Journals. These can prove to be very pricey when it comes to collecting so it is a joy to be able to study them in depth. 

They need no introduction.

Citadel Journal #1 Spring 1985 by MButoe


  1. What a haul! I used to love the Regiments of Renown writeups, and the Skaven article was a great inspiration when I was thinking about the Fimir. To my mind it was the ideeal way to introduce a new race. And I'd forgotten just how much of my box back text was reproduced in the last issue.

  2. I very much agree - both the early Citadel Journals and Compendiums are fantastic and a great inspiration for the hobby. Proud owner of a few of them actually. Bought them around 10 years ago on ebay for quick low sums

  3. Proud owner of 3 of these :) and now I can read the very first Journal too. Thanks!

  4. I have 3 and 4, though sadly oine of them is all lose in a folder, the other is as near to mint as you would find after all these years!

  5. just flicking through number one, it's funny, those buildings were the very ones used in the Warhammer 4th Edition box set!