Thursday 8 May 2014

The Citadel Compendiums

I have just stumbled across these online and they are too fascinating not to share. Immerse yourself in old school British fantasy with these links. What I have for you here are good quality scans of the First, Second and Third Citadel Compendiums. These go for pricey amounts online which has always been restrictive in regards to collecting so I have never had the chance to study them before.

Though not quite my period (Warhammer Third Edition) these publications are packed with early Citadel and early Warhammer (First and Second Editions mostly) stuff as well as many, many excellent and readable articles. 

I won't spoil the journey or the trip down memory lane informing you what lies within. Go grab a cup of tea, beer, wine or warm virgin's blood and enjoy!

Oh, and I am publishing links to the full set of Citadel Journals as well. They can be found here on a separate post. 

The First Citadel Compendium - Warhammer by Von Wittgenstein

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  1. Wow... surprised/ excited to see that I own 3 of the 7 creatures described in the 3rd compendium bestiary... I'm more of a collector than I thought I was.