Wednesday 18 September 2013

Raiders of the lost adverts: Marauder Dark Elves and Rogue Trader

As you may know, we have reached White Dwarf 114 in our journey through Warhammer Third Edition. Its been quite a trip so far, hasn't it? Where did we start? Issue 93 I think, so that is 21 White Dwarfs later, or nearly two years of product life. All of the major supplements have been released, save the delayed Lost and the Damned but in the coming months there would be a series of large scale 'Warhammer' spin offs to hit the market, inlcuding the genre defining Heroquest!
Issue 114 of White Dwarf contains a few randon adverts that are probably well worth a mention here on Realm of Chaos 80s. The first of these are the second month of releases of Marauder miniatures. The Morrisons produced a range of Dark Elves that certainly shared some of the characterists of those sculpted by Bob Naismith but have a far chunkier feel. As with the previous month's releases, I have softened to these, though I have yet to consider collecting Marauder in any series way as I do with Citadel. I certainly intend to do so in the future.
What to you readers feel about this small set of miniatures? Are they marmite models or something that you treasure and intend to field in some future, but not to far off, Warhammer battle?

There are some excellent poses here, and a few not so inspiring ones. Its interesting to see the plastic Marauder shields with freehand painting on, as I came to see these as being far more simplistic that the 'classic' old school shields of a few years earlier. It shoudl be noted that the 'Eavy Metal boys painted these as a favour and Bryan Ansell still have many in his collection to this day.

A while back I posted a brillaint Warhammer Third Edition ad that showed much of the range as it stood in the later '80s. Well this issue of also included a Rogue Trader: Warhammer 40,000 version of the same advert. I love this ad, largely due to all the old school box covers that are shown, not to mention the little seen plastic craters that were released around this time. See if you can spot them while you are enjoying the old school 40k!

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  1. I'm very fond of this range of dark elves, DE6 and DE23 being my top picks. Generally I do like Marauder, the MM90 chaos dwarves and MM50 skeletons being firm favourites.

  2. Great blog update.
    I agree, the Marauder Dark Elves are a lot bulkier than their Citdael counterparts. They are great miniatures and lovely detailing, but the problem I found is that they were not easy to rank up into units without it turning into some sort of Dark Elven Tetris! Great for skirmish games, and they do have that raiding force feel.

    I'm less of a fan Marauder miniatures as I did'nt like the rounder chunkier sculpting, although some of the landsknecht were very good, and the Goblins were not too bad.

    Always good to see a Rogue Trader advert :)

  3. Thx for the update on adverts. Goblin Lee is right. I have some of the dark elves and it is some kind of dark elf tetris to rank them up. especially if you have some with the original bulky round shield. But I love them.

  4. I absolutely love these Dark Elves, there's a cracking article in a few WD issues time by a chap in the US who painted up 1000pts of them. I own a good chunk of them myself but have yet to paint them up, I intend to have them as an ally contingent for my Rats.

  5. If I remember rightly Bryan only had one or two of these DE missing when I took the shots ( He's probably got them all with the missing scattered about his various draws :-)

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of Marauder's ranges. There is something about them that just looks 'off' to me. There are some nice sculpts in each range but not enough for me to consider collecting them.

  7. You post so much great content I can hardly keep up! Yes, I like the dark elves. Actually I started collecting the Naismith ones first and prefer those, but soon enough I got a few of the Marauder ones in a motley ebay lot and so the logical thing to do was to add a few more. The marauder ones are so large and distinct they will need to have their own units, if not their own warband altogether. I actually really love the general style of the armor, helmets, shields and hair, yes, the hair too. If they were just a wee bit less pudgy... but you can't everything.

    the 40k advert does a great job of succinctly summarizing the state of the product line at the time, and all of it was awesome.

  8. Marauder DE were well ahead of their time. Marauder in general fantastic Aly and Trish have never done better. In fact Alys range for citadel that followed these were really awful. Hardly the same guy?