Friday, 20 September 2013

Across the Pond: Oldhammer in the New World

Despite their rebellious ways, the Oldhammer Community is growing rapidly in the United States. In fact, Blue in VT, from Blues Marauders, was knocking out old school minis long before the term was coined, so in a way it has always been there.
However, some prolific bloggers and dwellers on the interweb from the colonies have been inspired by the events of the first Oldhammer Weekend and want to have a crack at creating such an event on the other side of the Atlantic. Geography is far more unforgiving for our USA cousins as it is here in the UK. Most parts of the country can be easily reached within, say, 10 hours for those willing to partake in gruelling car journeys, or motorway hops. This isn't quite the case in the USA, where the sheer size of the country acts as a barrier for like minded people getting together and playing old school fantasy battle games.
Well, a chap called Blake Shrode is trying to solve this conundrum by trying to create a USA Oldhammer Community so likeminded individuals can start making plans and picking venues or events that they can meet up at. As part of this, he is posting on our Facebook page and has set up a blog to focus on Oldhammer in the New World.
Check out the link below for more information, and if you are an American Old School Enthusiast, please join the page, even if you intend to just lurk, and offer your support, be ye a Yankee or a Reb!


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  2. Thanks for the link Orlygg! Anyone in the states also check out Skarsnik's Opponent Finder. He updates the map every 6 weeks or so, but he's going to try to get to it a bit more if he can. You have to swim over the pond, but there are already several blogs on there!


    The goal is to have a nice event similar to the one in the UK! But we gotta find out where everyone is first!

    Also check out Blue in Vt's post on the BLOOD Forums : [url][/url]

    Hope to see you on there!

  3. I'm in Canada, does that count? ;)

  4. I too am from the northern wastes. Keep we Norscan's abridged of future developments.

  5. Yes! Derek are you on the opponent finder? 24_Cigarettes, I've already linked your blog on mine. And yes, right now we are trying to get a hold of options, and then trying to figure out what will work for the most people. But if you know anyone else, let them know!