Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Foundry Fantasy: Excellent proxies for Old School Armies

Thank the Ruinous Powers for social media.

I am recovering from concussion after falling over in the ice and knocking myself out. I can' t do much save lie in bed and how off a face that makes me look like a plaguebearer. I can use my tablet for short periods and I' ve enjoyed glancing through many a blog and the discussions on Facebook' s Oldhammer Community. Otherwise, I am sure that boredom would claim me.

Makes you wonder if there was a chaos god of boredom... H' uum D' ruum would be an apt name.

Anyway, on one of my short online trips I found and was impressed by what I saw. Recently, we discussed the merits of the Foundry Norse range on the main site but I was not aware that there was a separate site for fantasy. I must confess that this site is much easier to use.

Look what I found...

These would make excellent Empire troops, don' t they just look like the illustrations from WFRP?

Perfect troops for a Third Edition Imperial force.

Foundry fantasy also do ' proper undead', love this chariot.

These really remind me of that old Citadel skeleton rising from the grave... These sculpts have that sense of humour modern Warhammer miniatures lack.

More skellies - the one lifting his head above his body is a nod to the classic Citadel one.

Nice elves...

Nice dark elves...

Thoughts, dear readers... Would you use them?


  1. Other than the skelles those are some old ranges you have there. The skelles may even be old just only recently (last couple of years) releasing them, I waited years and years for them to release the beastmen.

    So in short yes have done did it years ago. About ten years ago my citadel norse army got extra recruits from the foundry range they just re-released. I never did get round to getting the Landsknechts but plenty of people have them in their empire armies. One day I'll do it maybe even on a visit to the foundry.

    Some of the newer fantasy stuff is a little meh but I could see my way to getting some of the skellies and beastmen

  2. I'm really tempted by their recast citadel stuff. Samurai and medieval knights especially.

  3. I think that for rank-and-file, Foundry still comes in a little steep, but sadly not as much as they used to. For characters, I like the Foundry options. I strongly considered doing a Mordheim Ork band using their orcs, just because they seemed more urban and interesting.

  4. Well spotted Orlygg! That does make surfing their range for the fantasy stuff much easier :)

  5. I like there fantasy stuff, while I like the fantasy site for looking their main site at least in $$ packs are about $5 cheaper

  6. they did have some great Halfling adventurers on there too. very 80s citadel esq. but sadly seem to of vanished into oblivion :(