Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Old School to New School, so will YOU pledge!

I've not used Kickstarter before but I have heard a great deal about it. This is certainly an exciting project and I am happy to say I have pledged my support. A bit of a risk I know but... Life is about taking risks... yes?

Any comments bloggers?



  1. Wow, that looks super promising.

  2. Its a really interesting concept but at present I'm somewhat put off by the fact theres no real detail other than Mr Priestly's name. I'd like to see some proper concept art, background and what not before shelling out for it but will take more of a peek!

    All the best!

  3. There just doesn't seem to be anything there. It doesn't need a Kickstarter setup to confirm that yes, there will be interest in a sci-fi wargame by Priestley, Kev White, Warlord Games etc. Yet they start one with very little business plan other than stating that the aforementioned would like to do a sci-fi wargame. It would be laughed out of the bank managers office if they tried to get a business loan with that sort of lack of substance.

    It doesn't even appear that they've invested any money in producing anything to show people.

    I'd like this to be good but in all honesty I can't help but feel that they need to go away and sort out a proper plan and publicity blitz before getting to the stage of firing up the Kickstarter. It compares very poorly with solid efforts such as the Mantic Dreadball one.

    Also the name is total rubbish.

    1. You need only pledge a pound you know... There is quite a lot of background info on the forum and I received my first update this evening, all about the pan humans. This included some concept sketches and quite a bit of fluff... These updates are supposed to be very regular... Looking forwards to more.